10 Best Aliexpress Chrome Extensions

10 Best AliExpress Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping Business

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Starting a dropshipping business has been gaining immense popularity in recent times. AliExpress, the world’s largest online retail platform, has made it easier for entrepreneurs to access a wide range of dropshipping suppliers and products worldwide. It offers great convenience and flexibility to businesses as they don’t need to invest in inventory or worry about shipping logistics.

If you are using the ever-popular AliExpress platform to add products to your dropshipping store, then you can use chrome extensions in the Google Chrome browser to make your job easier.

Instead of doing everything manually, using AliExpress chrome extensions allow you to automate your business so you can focus on other important things and save time.

Why Use AliExpress Chrome Extensions?

Regarding the dropshipping process and E-commerce, the AliExpress marketplace generates almost 40% of total spending in the industry and is used worldwide.

With a powerful tool and chrome extension, you get access to automation and help with order details, product research, import products, process orders, shipping, tracking numbers, etc.

The best dropshipping chrome extensions are –

  • Easy to use
  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Offer free features and tools
  • Take your dropshipping business or Shopify store to new heights

Best Chrome Extensions for AliExpress Dropshipping

If you are looking for solutions to streamline and grow your AliExpress dropshipping store, there is no effective and affordable choice other than using a Google Chrome extension. You can download paid tools or free extensions to the Chrome web store.

Here is a list of the best extensions that AliExpress dropshippers should consider trying out.

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Alitools Shopping Assistant

One of the most used AliExpress extensions globally, Alitools is a great shopping assistant for those who use the platform. You can easily use this extension to search for AliExpress products, check price history, look for similar products for your store, etc.

The extension provides you with all the information about products and shows the seller or supplier rating so that you can find reliable suppliers for your own store. It is a free extension that you can easily download and install from the web store to conduct product research and assess suppliers’ reliability.

After installing it, the extension will display the product’s price and other information on your screen’s bottom-left part. It is a must-have tool to research and know every important thing about an AliExpress product page.


Ryviu is another helpful dropshipping chrome extension you can use for your online business. Using this tool, you can import AliExpress product reviews to your store in just a few clicks. Customers prefer looking at reviews before purchasing anything, and this extension also works with WooCommerce and Shopify.

After you install the extension, open any AliExpress product page for which you need customer reviews. When you open the tool, you will find a field saying ‘enter product handle manually. Paste the link to the product page here and click on Get Review.

Research shows that conversions and sales are boosted by 30% when customers read positive reviews about something. Ryvio is a simple and easy-to-use Chrome extension that allows you to import country-based reviews, photo reviews, multiple product reviews, and more.


Those who go by their AliExpress dropshipping through Spocket can use AliScraper to import AliExpress products. It can be challenging to sell each product through Spocket manually, and this extension makes importing products much more straightforward.

It easily integrates with a host of Ecommerce platforms, and you need to install the tool, click the extension icon, and use it. This is one of the best AliExpress extensions for importing products. AliScraper provides a dedicated support team to help you with any AliExpress orders throughout the day.


If you are not very much into technology, it can be hard to download product images from AliExpress category pages. The AliSave chrome extension helps you access photos and videos and download them.

After you download and install the tool, you will see a download button right next to every product image you open. No need to copy any links or open multiple tools. Just click on the download icon, and you will have the image.

Oberlo AliExpress Product Importer

Oberlo is one of the most used platforms among drop shippers, and this extension is perfect for those who work with AliExpress products. After you import the products, you get an autofill payment form to make the AliExpress order.

The Oberlo extension shows you the order details, processing time, and availability of epacket shipping, along with many other features. Using this extension, you can link order details between AliExpress and your store to ensure bulk orders are fulfilled smoothly. It will handle everything from packing to shipping to delivery so you can focus on improving your business and customer satisfaction.

Sell The Trend

One of the easiest-to-use Aliexpress Chrome extensions, Sell The Trend helps with AliExpress product imports. You can process and handle all orders through the tool’s dashboard and reap benefits from its 1-click order fulfillment feature. The extension is also great for product research and uses AI technology to automate your dropshipping business.

Sell The Trend connects you with reliable sellers and vendors while displaying trending and latest products. You even get the product images and descriptions for any page you open on AliExpress.

More and more features are being added to this extension, and you can integrate it with many E-commerce platforms.

AliExpress ePacket Identifier

Most dropshippers nowadays prefer epacket shipping for their store. Most of them go for it because it is affordable and ensures quick delivery of lightweight products. However, if you manually check every product page for the availability of epacket shipping, it will take hours.

The AliExpress ePacket Identifier extension determines if the delivery method is available for a product without opening its page. Different colors are used to categorize products.

Green denotes a free epacket, blue means a paid epacket, and red indicates no epacket. This aliexpress chrome extension also checks the availability of SF eParcel shipping, another affordable and fast shipping option.

Alichrome Free Invoice Generator

If your dropshipping store is doing great and getting regular orders, you will only be able to prepare invoices for some orders manually. If you do so, you will waste a lot of time and effort.

Alichrome is a great AliExpress Chrome extension that automatically generates customer invoices. You have to download the tool and install it into your browser. Go to the AliExpress order details page and see the Download PDF invoice button. Click on it and easily download and send the invoice to your customers with this free extension.

PriceBlink Coupons and Price Comparison

As the name suggests, PriceBlink notifies you of any coupons or offers available. This dropshipping Chrome extension works with AliExpress and many other E-commerce platforms. You can get more than 40% off on orders based on the available coupon.

PriceBlink tells you about the price history of a product and whether you are getting the lowest possible price. It will help you find a seller offering the lowest price for the product.

For most of the products, the extension also shows user ratings and reviews so you can know about the quality of a product before ordering. Before finalizing, check PriceBlink once for any available coupons to save money.

AliExpress Parcels

Every customer wants to know about the status of their order, especially during shipping. If you use AliExpress directly to get the shipping information, you must search for the order and available details and access the information.

Doing this multiple times daily for various orders can be very time-consuming and hard. One of the best Chrome extensions, AliExpress Parcels, allows simple order tracking for AliExpress. Go to the product details and click on Add Tracking. The tool will add this order to its’ orders to track’ list, which is easy to access.

You can track orders whenever you want and ensure they reach the customers on time.


To sum it up, AliExpress Chrome Extensions are a great way to automate your dropshipping business and drive more profit. From product research to order fulfillment and tracking, AliExpress Chrome extensions offer various useful features that can help you grow your business quickly.

With these AliExpress Chrome Extensions in hand, you can save time and money while improving customer satisfaction. It is highly recommended that you use AliExpress Chrome Extensions to simplify and automate your dropshipping business.

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