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17 Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers for your Shopify Store

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Dropshipping has entered the apparel segment over a constant demand as lifestyle’s most vital necessity. You can find nearly all types of clothing to sell online. This can be achieved by finding the best dropshipping clothing suppliers.

We’ll be trying to choose trusted clothes suppliers for the best price. This post covers the top 17 dropshipping clothing manufacturers to work with. First, we will discuss what makes dropshipping successful in the clothing industry.

Before starting a clothing dropshipping business, you need to know the ins and outs of the clothing niche and find reliable suppliers as partners. The target audience and their location also significantly impact whether the business will be a success or a failure.

This article will help you start a clothing dropshipping business and will aid in choosing the best drop shipping clothing supplier for your e-commerce store.

What are the best clothing products to dropship?

best dropshipping clothing suppliers

What exactly are the best clothing items to sell in your store? The fantastic news is that you have endless options to choose from! You can sell generic and designer garments. You may also sell clothes for infants or other several clothing options.

Before you choose any type of clothing, you should try to find out how popular it is and the profit margins. If you disagree with the answer above, try another item of clothing from your dropship shop.

Keep in mind you’re facing competition in that sales area. Online clothing shops are trendy; many e-commerce sites offer apparel goods. You need to impact people’s lives with your product to run a successful business.

Is Clothing Niche Right for Your Ecommerce Store?

Besides specializing in the appropriate clothing, ensure you choose a dropshipping category that will suit your website needs. Your website is new, and you want to begin an online clothing business without issues.

You’re free to sell any product you wish. If you own a website, you can add clothing sections for that website. If you sell automobiles, adding clothing to the website is impossible.

Is there another way to buy formal wear? An e-Commerce site must remain streamlined if you want an online presence as an expert on clothing products. You need to be well prepared at all times to establish your business.

Make sure you know the latest trends and are up to date with new releases and fast fashion choices to keep updating your store with contemporary and trendy pieces. Lagging means someone else will take your position in your niche or market.

The clothing niche is difficult to crack due to high demand and competition. But if you can understand market trends and introduce products with high demand and low supply, you can easily break through the clothing niche.

How to choose clothing dropshipping suppliers

Choosing the right dropshipping supplier is crucial for your industry. It should be remembered that we can buy clothing from anywhere in the market. We can purchase clothing items from the companies mentioned above, and we need to evaluate several factors in choosing a supplier.

We must then choose providers who offer to drop ship. Although some retailers and Marketplaces are still reluctant about this, it does not mean that the solution should never come.

Let’s hope they make more money and turn that into an economic success!

When choosing suppliers, make sure they are reliable, trustworthy and provide value for money. If your clothing items are not up to the mark, a customer will never re-order, and your business will start to crumble.

What are the best dropshipping clothing suppliers?

dropshipping business

Finding the top dropshipping clothing suppliers can be a tiring process. Leading Drop Shipping Suppliers such as AliExpress, Alibaba, SellHoo, etc., can be excellent for a new business. But different business models have different needs.

Some companies like Benjamin international provide various products at affordable prices, while others like Nordstrom offers a dropshipping program for high orders and fast deliveries with lower fees.

Any clothing brand needs a good and reliable supplier to run and support the business. Hence, choosing a supplier with a good repo becomes essential. You can also explore companies with a private label to further improve your services.

International companies like Sunrise Retail, Wholesale2, and Mega goods are all good options for new businesses but if you want an in-depth review of the top dropshipping companies, keep reading.


Location: China

Niche: Multiple niches

CJDropshipping is a dropshipping company that provides dropshipping services to China. Clothing and fashions dropshippers have a choice among over a hundred products on the platform, including fashion items with a fashion niche.

Here’s the best reason to choose CJDropshipping for its clothes collection: Aside from the clothes, the manufacturer also has fashion accessories that are suitable for pairing with dresses. Moreover, the latest trends are always available on the CJDropshipping website.

Our selection includes clothing items including tops and accessories, bottom wear and jackets for events, weddings, and more. CJDropshipping is a free dropshipping clothing website with no extra fees like setup or monthly payments.

It is a big dropshipping supplier having over 400000 products to dropship. They also have items in the fashion clothing niche.

Their fashion items are not only limited to women’s clothing but also have choices for men’s clothing, baby items, kids’ clothes etc.

Additionally, we have rounded up a few more reasons why CJDropshipping is one of the best dropshipping clothing suppliers, which are:

  • It provides considerable variety of dropshipping clothing items to choose from
  • Fast shipments and easy tracking of your orders
  • No subscription fees or hidden charges for a dropshipping store
  • Provides amazing deals and discounts to dropshipping stores
  • Provides print-on-demand options for their customers and wholesale buyers


Location: US

Niche: Men’s and women’s clothing

Printify is the largest print network worldwide on the Web. The biggest category this manufacturer offers is apparel. It is the dropshipping supplier that provides print-on-demand services for its buyers.

The main feature that makes Printify an efficient clothing dropshipping provider is that: the Print-on-demand service provides an extensive range of high-quality products to online businesses. For clothing, Printify offers custom clothing and accessories to suit all age groups.

Printify also offers support services to more than 90 printing companies in dozens of locations. Using these features, you can order clothes faster with fewer hassles.

Print on demand is really ‘in’ these days as a lot of businesses are moving towards customized items rather than generic ones.

Printify has over 90 print providers for their print-on-demand services. This supplier also offers free trial services for new dropshipping stores as well. Printify is one of the best dropshipping clothing suppliers because of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Provides print-on-demand services
  • Printify is available on trustworthy platforms like Etsy, Shopify etc
  • Provides fast and helpful customer support
  • Provides a free limited-time subscription plan for new clothing and fashions dropshippers
  • Provides a wide selection of items for men, women and kids

My Online Fashion Store

Location: US

Niche: Clothing items and accessories

My online fashion store is another dropshipping clothing supplier that provides wholesale clothing and accessories. It is based in Los Angeles in the US.

My Online Fashion Store provides a wide variety of clothing categories for women, most of which are non-branded clothing.

It also supports customization for their clothing items as well. New items are added regularly, providing many options for your dropshipping store. You can also integrate this store with Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, etc., for a better selling experience.

It also equips the users with a 14-day free trial during which you can easily cancel the subscription anytime. My online fashion store provides an all-rounder experience for buyers and sellers alike.

This store is an optimized dropshipping supplier as it provides two different programs for buyers: a Shopify App membership and a Standard subscription. It can help newly launched turnkey dropshipping stores offer services at low costs.

Here’s a rundown of why My Online Fashion store is included in the list of suitable dropshipping clothing suppliers:

  • Can easily integrate with big shopping platforms like Etsy, Amazon, etc
  • Focuses on casual wear items
  • Offers different customization options
  • Good customer service and after-sales services
  • Provides a 14-DAY free trial for new buyers

Kiyonna Clothing

Location: US

Niche: Women’s plus size clothing

Kiyonna clothing is a US-based service mainly known for being of the best women’s plus size clothing suppliers. Kiyonna has been in the market since 1966, making plus-sized women’s clothing. They focus on sizes between 10-32 for their products.

Kiyonna is one of the few dropship clothing wholesalers. Kiyonna clothing provides fast and reliable deliveries within a few days. It charges a minimal fee for every order making online shopping fun and happy. Kiyonna business provides the partner sellers with a reliable and trustworthy inventory due to its online presence.

Following are some of the main reasons to make Kiyonna clothing your business partner:

One of the few wholesale clothing vendors that dropship

Provides fast and reliable shipping

The shipping fee is $5 for every order

No lower limit of orders

A reliable business for dropshipping plus size clothing


Location: California market center

Niche: Wholesale clothes for women

LAShowroom is another marketplace that provides excellent dropshipping opportunities for ecommerce entrepreneurs. You can connect directly with LA-based sellers. LAShowroom has one of the widest varieties and a selection of wholesale apparel and accessories. 

It is a physical marketplace with over 40000 brands to select from. It provides access to reliable and trustworthy wholesale sellers, but the general public is currently not allowed to visit. LAShowroom’s website can be your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your needs.

It provides good quality clothing products from around the globe. From expensive designer wear to affordable everyday pieces, LAShowroom’s website is a dropshipping business’s heaven.

Customers can easily venture into the online shop and get exceptional items at wholesale prices.

Some of the main reasons why LAShowroom is one of the best dropshipping clothing suppliers is because:

  • Its online website is top-notch, providing virtual showrooms and new trends
  • Buyers can place multiple orders to different sellers using a single account
  • You can explore fashion clothing for men, women, and children along with accessories and footwear
  • It is currently the leading online marketplace for wholesale items
  • Ships orders within one or two business days


Location: US

Niche: Multiple products, including electronics, clothing, and accessories

MiniInTheBox offers online services for a wide range of categories, including apparel niches. Its global dropshipping supplier gives customers that advantage. The suppliers provide several types of clothes: women and girls, children and children.

We can list the best apparel from the top, bottom, underwear, and sleeping clothing; plenty of options exist. MiniIntotheBox has also provided dropshippers with the best apparel items of the season. We can also find clothes suitable for several celebrations, including marriage.

This dropshipping apparel company sells more than 10,000 items each day. It has clothing categories for men, women, and kids alike.

From tops to bottoms and undergarments, the choices of clothing items are endless in MiniInTheBox online store. It provides the buyers with a lot of options in one place.

Following are the reasons why MiniInTheBox is a good option for a dropshipping supplier:

  • It has diverse clothing options for men’s clothing and women’s clothing
  • MiniInTheBox manufactures the clothes by itself, which guarantees a good quality
  • Offers delivery Worldwide
  • Has a good customer service


Location: Guangzhou China and USA

Niche: All sorts of niches

Banggood is another China-based, one of the largest dropshipping clothing suppliers with over 250000 items and worldwide shipping. This top-class segment includes the apparel industry. This wholesale clothing supplier offers quality dropship clothing products.

Banggood tests the products before listing them to ensure they meet their standards. The clothing categories are divided into male departments and women’s departments. The site carries trendsetting clothes for every season and any occasion. 

Banggood specializes in drop shipping on new fashion products at affordable prices. In addition, there are also promotions for clothing items. It also has over 60 million registered users across the US and Europe.

It claims to have over 1,000,000 dropshipping suppliers, making it a top choice for selecting different products and designs.

The clothing niche is the top niche of Banggood retail. From clothes and shoes to accessories, one can select a wide variety of dropshipping items. Below are some other reasons why Banggood can be the best dropshipping clothing supplier for your e-store. 

  • Trustworthy and reliable sellers
  • Flash sales throughout the year
  • Market competitive prices and good quality apparel
  • Customer service IS available 24/7
  • Provides free memberships
  • Cash backs and discounts
  • Dropshipping friendly


Location: US

Niche: Clothing

Printful is a niche drop shipment provider focused on print-on-demand services. A few of the categories offered by the supplier include garments. Printful provides various services for drop shipped goods and apparel for customers with limited funds.

It allows the personalization of clothes to suit women, children, and men. We can supply flexible clothing products from this supplier to Drop Shipping Shops.

Printful’s clothing also offers a wide assortment of apparel such as pants, shirts, hoodies, dresses, jackets, swimwear, and much more.

The print-on-demand services that Printful offers make it a top choice as a dropshipping clothing supplier as customizations are in high demand every season. Printful also has high-quality products and unique designs for its items.

Mentioned below are the reasons to opt for Printify as your dropshipping partner:

  • On-demand printing on clothes
  • Customization options of shirts and trousers to add labels
  • No upper or lower limit of orders
  • No compromise on the quality standard of items
  • Provides white label branding
  • Has SEVERAL custom branding tools
  • Offers Worldwide shipping
  • Has low shipping costs


AliExpress is an Online Retailer offering a wide variety of dropshippers. The most common niche we can buy at the supplier is clothing. List the reasons to purchase dropshipping clothes with us: AliExpress has a clothing range based on a female line and a male category.

Both departments provide an impressive collection of garments adapted for various customers’ needs. AliExpress also offers premium brands which provide dropshipping products. There are many choices, from petite to large.

Launched in 2010, this retail giant has slowly paved its way to becoming one of the top renowned online businesses. AliExpress is a China-based service that provides online buying and selling options to most other countries.

The best thing about AliExpress is their wholesale prices and super fast shipping. In addition to that their good and reliable customer service is a bonus. Customers can easily purchase items and return them as well.

The success of any business is always linked with its customer service and how satisfied the buyer gets. Hence, AliExpress is on its way to becoming even more significant.

Apart from that, AliExpress is also one of the best dropshipping clothing suppliers. From expensive designer wear to trendy fast-fashion pieces, AliExpress has a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing.

You can easily find some unique and artistic works for your dropshipping store from AliExpress.

The clothes are affordable and well made, and you can easily keep a good profit margin while selling them in your store. Mentioned down below are some of the main reasons why AliExpress should be your pick from drop shipping supplier:

  • Affordable clothes
  • New apparel additions every week
  • Fast Shipping Worldwide
  • Excellent customer services
  • Early restock of best-selling items
  • Trendy and attractive apparel 
  • A lot of variety to choose
  • Free return policy that is easy and effective


Location: Australia

Niche: clothing and accessories

RedBubble offers niche clothing products. It is an online printing platform for drop shippers that provides custom apparel products. RedBubble is one of several drop shipping clothing suppliers looking to expand their dropshipping business.

The platform is capable of submitting artworks of users for apparel printing. In addition, it provides support to works by independent artists. Redbubble offers clothing and accessories from local designers to support local artists.

Redbubble has over 700000 artists around the globe that help make and customize products according to customer needs. It is currently one of the best print-on-demand services available.

Whenever a buyer purchases a specific artist’s design, Redbubble prints that design onto the product and sends it over to the buyer. The artists get their share from every order.

Mentioned below are the top reasons why you might want to partner with Redbubble dropshipping service:

  • Provides an on-demand printing facility
  • has a lot of variety of products to choose from
  • Has the option of Worldwide shipping
  • Has competitive and reliable customer service
  • Provides customized products at competitive prices


Location: China

Niche: Women’s apparel

Dresslily is another women’s clothing business owned by China’s richest man. After being founded in 2008, Dresslily has become a reliable and trustworthy business.

It mainly deals with clothing items and accessories like women’s, men, and baby’s apparel, coats, jackets, furniture, accessories, etc.

Dresslily has made its name due to the various options it provides and a great selection of products to choose from. Though the main focus is on women’s clothing and fashion, you can also find options for men’s and kids’ apparel.

Apart from these, you can also easily view the ‘in-trend items’ and ‘best selling products’ lists on the website to explore the in-demand trends. Here are a few reasons why dropshipping companies like Dresslily can be a good option for partnership:

  • It has a wide variety to choose from
  • Displays bestsellers lists
  • Easy and fast deliveries
  • Secure payments options


Location. European and US.

Niche: Fashion & Accessories.

BrandsGateways is the first to be listed among dropshipping apparel providers. It is also one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the market.

Trusted by dozens logged into B2B websites is considered a top online shopping site for luxury drops. Various examples demonstrate that a firm is committed to delivering superior services.

You can start dropshipping at Brands Gateway via the site. You can connect with over 100 brands to choose the best dropshipping products for your store.

From a wide range of designer clothing, including Versace, D&G, etc., Brandsgateway will ensure you get the product worth the price.

If your dropshipping store is based on quality items, then Brandsgateway is your best bet. This apparel business will make sure all your items have high quality at a market competitive price. Also, fast shipping is another pro of this retail giant.

Mentioned below are some of the other reasons you should look into partnering with this service for your store:

  • A lot of variety of designer clothes to choose
  • It offers a flat shipping rate all over the globe
  • Dispatches orders within 24 hours
  • A profitable partnership with dropshipping stores
  • An easy order-dispatch process
  • The good profit margin for every designer product order
  • Provides heavy discounts to clothing dropshipper
  • Has verified positive reviews on many rating sites


Location: USA

Niche: Clothing items and accessories

CCWholesaleClothing is a US Dropshipping Supplier that is devoted to the sales of apparel and accessory items. It is famous for selling women’s clothing items for regular and plus-sized females.

This Los Angeles-based online store sells fashionable and trendy clothing items for plus-sized women. It also offers a drop shipping program for buyers.

CCWholesaleClothing is a dropshipping supplier that offers wholesale rates for buyers. The online store has a lot of items, including apparel for men and women, kids’ clothing, and accessories. You can easily explore the variety of products on their online store.

CCWholesaleClothing offers over 3000 products to choose from as well. With new products being added regularly and high discount rates for the dropshipping partners, CCWholesaleClothing can be a reliable dropshipping platform for your store.

Mentioned below are the reasons why CCWholesaleClothing is one of the top dropshipping clothing suppliers:

  • You can order a single product from the dropshipping seller
  • Provides a wide variety of apparel items with new additions every week
  • Provides competitive prices for the products
  • Offers free trial periods for new sellers with the option to cancel anytime
  • Provides easy and fast drop shipping options according to the buyer’s needs


Location: Minnesota US

Niche: Girl’s and babies’ clothing

AnnLoren is one of the largest drop-shipping companies offering clothing and accessories to children from three to 14 years old. It provides clothing options for girls and their toy dolls as well. The kids’ clothing dropshipping niche is popular due to rapid sales and reorders.

Anneloren does the clothing business just right. You can easily order amazing clothes at affordable prices for your dropshipping store.

It also provides extensive discounts to dropshipping stores as well. Anneloren dropshipping service will make your work easy and manageable.

The top reasons why Annloren is one of the best dropshipping clothing suppliers are mentioned below:

  • Have a selection of unique and versatile clothing items for little girls
  • Their apparel consists of high-quality products and on-trend designs
  • Variety of clothing for your dropshipping store
  • Excellent return and straightforward refund policy

Immediate Apparel

Location: US

Niche: Women’s clothing and accessories

Immediate apparel is another US-based supplier that deals in women’s clothing items such as jackets, dresses, tops, jeans, etc. It is a dropshipping company that sells contemporary pieces and trendy designs.

It is also one of the largest clothing suppliers selling high-quality products and premium pieces. With over 15000 options, Immediate Apparel is slowly becoming the top dropshipping supplier.

It offers over 13 clothing categories to buyers with different and unique clothing options. Immediate Apparel supplier offers branded clothing items and designer clothing. But, high-quality items are available at affordable prices.

Women’s clothing is the leading niche, including fashion items and trendy pieces added regularly. As the items are only ‘designers’, the profit margin for each product is also good.

Mentioned below are a few reasons why this supplier is one of the top dropshipping suppliers to partner with:

  • It has a lot of variety of designer-made women’s clothing
  • Provides high-quality items at competitive prices
  • Offers dropshipping program for the buyers
  • Provides easy shipping and return policies


Location: UK , US

Niche: Clothing and accessories

ASOS is a London-based supplier that deals in fashion items, clothing products and cosmetics. It has a wide variety of stuff and apparel for women, men, and kids. This supplier offers high-quality and top-notch products for dropshipping stores.

ASOS not only sells fashion items but also customizes each piece according to body types, occasions, and the fit type for every individual. Hence, it has become the best company in recent times.

The clothing items that ASOS sells include night dresses, gym wear, casual dresses, tracksuits, loungewear, etc. It further classifies these items for different body types, for example, petite, tall, extra-large, maternity, office wear, etc. Which then helps the buyer to pick the perfect fit.

There are some other reasons why ASOS can be your potential partner, which are:

  • It offers up to 70% discounts regularly
  • It offers buyers gift cards and deals to save money on purchases further
  • It provides choices for all body types and occasions
  • Easy and fast deliveries to over 16 countries
  • It offers free shipping for orders above $30


Location: US

Niche: Multiple niches

This America-based retail giant is a well-known dropshipping supplier around the Globe. Amazon has quickly become the most valuable brand in the World. Amazon is a clothing drop shipper with products in almost all categories.

Partnering with Amazon for your clothing store can give you a lot of options for dropshipping products. No other dropshipping supplier can match Amazon regarding inventory and product choice.

Being such a significant supplier means Amazon offers high-quality products at affordable and cheap prices. In addition, Amazon has multiple warehouses in different areas, shipping orders within a day or two.

Every dropshipping company prefers to partner up with Amazon for its impeccable services. Mentioned below are the reasons why partnering up with Amazon can be a good partner for your dropshipping business:

  • Fast and reliable shipping in two days
  • Huge variety of products to select
  • Excellent customer and after-sales service
  • Market competitive prices and discounts
  • Free shipping on orders over $300
  • Hundreds of fashion brands available to order
  • 30 days return policy


What is the best drop ship supplier?

There are a lot of suppliers that are the best in their niche. The top drop shipping supplier depends on the needs of the eCommerce store. Benjamin international is a good supplier if you want scares and ponchos in your store.

Similarly, top suppliers like Amazon, ASOS, and Etsy can be the best choices as all-rounders with reliable and fast deliveries. So, the best suppliers are the ones that best fit your business needs.

Where can I find clothes for drop shipping?

You can easily find clothes in any of the businesses mentioned above websites. You need to select a drop shipping company and then form a partnership. You can easily explore the website to find apparel and fashion products.

Amazon, Dress Lily, and Red Bubble can be used to find clothes. Next, you need to select a business that best suits your needs and delivers to your location to offer the services to your customers.

Can you dropship branded clothing?

Yes, you can dropship branded clothes, provided your drop shipping service is top-notch and reliable. Unfortunately, high-quality and expensive fashion garments are a hit or miss when it comes to selling them online.

Be it men’s clothing or women’s clothing branded clothes will always be in demand. You just need to establish your business as trustworthy and reliable to start selling higher-end items.

Is the clothing dropshipping business profitable?

The clothing business has a lot of potential and scope due to the larger customer market. In addition, clothing items are the need of every individual; hence targeting a specific group of people to sell your products can give an edge to your business.

Fashion garments such as leather jackets, coats, and yoga pants are currently in trend. However, you need to invest in high-selling and trendy apparel to make your drop shipping business profitable and long-lasting.


Selecting a good supplier for your e-commerce store can be a daunting task. Not choosing a dependable and authentic drop shipping supplier means losing out on your business. Therefore, strict scrutiny and survey are vital for partnering up with a good supplier.

It is where this guide will help you. Do you need a quick and fast delivery service, but can you compromise on a little higher shipping charges? Or want low delivery charges and high-end products? Then there’s a supplier for all your needs.

In the end, remember that becoming a top-rated clothing items seller will be a challenging and tiring journey. From sourcing items to marketing and promoting your brand, you will have to ‘micro-manage’ everything. This article will point you in the right direction nonetheless.

So, are you ready to start your clothing business right away?

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