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How to Handle and Deal with Dropshipping Customer Complaints

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A good customer service team is among the most important factors if you want your dropshipping business to be successful. This is especially true in the case of online stores and dropshipping companies. For any ecommerce business, customer complaints can be a huge hurdle or a helpful ally.

Even though dealing with customer service complaints is time-consuming and frustrating, you can make your business successful through valuable customer feedback and reviews. Unhappy customers and angry customers leave negative reviews, which can hurt your online store’s reputation and affect future purchases.

A furious customer means you have to take immediate action and provide them with quality customer service to resolve their issues. In this article, we will discuss handling customer complaints, how to resolve their problems, and offer them the best customer service.

If you run a dropshipping business today, keeping a positive reputation and every customer satisfied is of utmost importance.

Why is it Important to Handle Customer Complaints for your Dropshipping Business?

In today’s digital age, dropshipping is one of the best business models where you can make money without spending too much time and effort. However, dealing with customers daily poses many issues. Most customers will have different opinions regarding your products and services, and you must be patient and proactive in handling complaints.

Customers feel differently about different things, and you cannot expect their reactions. Some online shoppers are sensible and calm, while some make a big issue out of a small problem. You must reduce customer service complaints as much as possible and ensure customer satisfaction for a successful dropshipping business.

Irritated clients can get angry and leave negative comments about your business on various websites and forums. A bad reputation will drive away many shoppers and affect your loyal customers. Those who shop online want a seamless experience with complete transparency and unmatched customer support.

Most Common Customer Service Complaints for Online Store Owners

dropshipping customer complaints

Delivery of Wrong Products

One of the most common customer queries arises when they receive either the wrong product model, color, or an entirely different product. People expect to get what they paid for, and receiving something else from an Ecommerce store can be very disappointing.

This is a big mistake for a dropshipping business, and customer service representatives must work quickly to handle such issues and ensure that customers get the right thing. Offer easy returns to your customers and guide them through the replacement process. As this is a mistake on your dropshipping store, you can also offer special offers or a discount deal to make up.

Damaged Goods or Items

We suggest checking every product properly before packing and shipping them. Imagine a customer who pays for it in advance, waits for the delivery, and receives a damaged item. Any customer is bound to get angry and complain to your dropshipping store.

This may happen during shipping, but still, it is an error on your service side. Check every product at the store and source them from reliable manufacturers and suppliers with a good reputation. The entire online shipping process is extended, and no customer wants a broken item at the end of it.

Fulfillment and Shipping Delays

Dropshipping stores have to pay extra attention to their fulfillment and shipping times. Some customers are anxious about their products and want to track information. Customer queries regarding delivery and shipping are common for an Ecommerce site.

Excellent customer service includes timely shipping so pay attention to it. If you want a successful dropshipping business, reduce shipping delays as much as possible. You can also have a FAQ page to help customers and answer common shipping-related queries.

Wrong Product Descriptions and Images

Customers check out product descriptions on your Shopify store or Ecommerce site and expect to receive the same item. It can be unexpected and disappointing for a customer to get something that has a different size, function, or dimension from the item description or images.

Again, your dropshipping store needs to handle this and provide accurate descriptions, images, and videos for the product pages. Customers will only trust your services if you have the right information on your website.

Hidden Shipping and Other Costs

Many customer complaints arise from hidden charges and shipping costs during the checkout. People already hate paying for delivery, and unexpected, high shipping charges will put them off even more.

Be upfront about the prices to customers instead of annoying them with last-minute costs. This is considered bad customer service and will raise many queries and complaints.

Online Store and Website issues

Excellent customer service includes an accessible and responsive website. People will only accept your online dropshipping store if it takes less time to load or is compatible with multiple platforms.

Your website must accept all major payment processors, respond quickly, have minimum pop ups and ads, have a FAQ page, live chat, and a user-friendly store design. Customers do not prefer a website that is hard to navigate and make payments.

Data Security Issues

Customers value data protection and privacy while shopping online. A dropshipping store collects personal information from its customers, including their name, address, contact, and banking details.

If you do not handle their sensitive data privately, your dropshipping business will get thousands of customer queries and complaints.

Anticipating and Resolving Customer Complaints

You can do everything you want to run your dropshipping business smoothly and avoid problems, but customer complaints are bound to arise sooner or later. Each customer is unique, and it is up to you how you handle customer complaints and provide customer service to them.

You should expect problems to arise and be ready to tackle them beforehand. Here is how you can resolve major customer complaints and run your dropshipping store smoothly.

Keep a Healthy Amount of Products to Handle Inventory Issues

A customer is searching for products in your store, and by the time they begin the checkout process, the product goes out of stock. This is very frustrating and can annoy your potential long-term customers.

Ensure you have enough products in your inventory based on the season and upcoming festivals or occasions. You can even post about trending and in-demand products on your social media page. Word of mouth is important for a dropshipping store, and satisfied customers will always recommend you.

Be Clear Regarding Fulfillment and Shipping

Misleading or wrong information about fulfillment and shipping times is a sign of poor customer service by your dropshipping store. Customers can get impatient and angry if they don’t receive their orders within the promised timeframe.

Sometimes, circumstances make it impossible to ship products on time, but you should always give a heads-up to your customers. Providing tracking information and real-time updates can stop them from leaving a negative review about your business and services.

Accurate Product Descriptions and Images

Another important way to reduce and handle customer complaints is by providing accurate product images and descriptions. Customers want what they see in an online store and if they receive products that don’t match what they see, is a huge problem and lousy customer service.

Ensure your website has accurate product information, descriptions, and images. Customer support must respond quickly if a customer complains about receiving something different from what they saw. Go for high-quality product photography and source products from reliable suppliers to avoid this problem.

Good Website Usability and Responsiveness

Everyone wants a seamless, hassle-free online shopping experience with top-class services. Any website issues must be solved immediately so that no customer faces unwanted problems. Each webpage must respond quickly, and the checkout process must be simple.

Make sure customers can pay using different payment methods and access your website on desktop and mobile devices. You can even provide live chat and a FAQ page to handle customers’ queries.

Have an Experienced Customer Service Team

Your business needs an experienced and knowledgeable customer service team that can handle complaints positively and offer the best solution to clients. Sometimes, the customers can be rude, and it is important for team members to stay calm and focused on resolving the situation.

Your customer service team should always understand the customer’s issues in detail and act accordingly. They should know how to solve challenges and offer the best solution to customers.

In the dropshipping business, it is common to have lots of customer calls and queries. A competent, experienced customer service team is central to handling customer complaints.

Leverage Customer Feedback for Better Service

Even though it is impossible to avoid customer complaints, you can use their feedback and reviews to improve your services. Come up with quick resolutions and solutions for their complaints and follow up with them regarding their satisfaction.

You can even ask them for feedback regarding your website and overall services, not just their particular order. Feedback goes a long way in offering excellent customer service and ensuring customers love buying from you.

Customer Service Tips to Ensure Happy Customers

Here are some tips you can follow to provide excellent customer service and avoid customer complaints as much as you can –

  • Some customers may complain in an angry tone and use offensive language. Don’t get emotional and fight back with them. Just calm them down and ask them to explain the issue so you can assist.
  • Never try to prove the customer wrong intentionally. Sometimes, a shopper’s complaint may be only partially valid. However, please do not blame them and try to make them understand the situation.
  • Always be well-mannered and polite when responding to queries and communicating with customers. Let the shopper know you are here to help him and are sorry for the problem. 
  • Many shoppers are wary of online scams and may be suspicious of your business at first. Please don’t argue with your customers; get to the bottom of their complaints and offer assistance. Ask them questions to understand their situation correctly. 
  • Mistakes can happen, but you should always make them up to your customers. You can offer them benefits like a free trial, discounts, rewards, etc., to make them happy.


You must ensure 100% customer satisfaction for a successful dropshipping business. Satisfied customers mean maximum profits, so taking care of them is vital. However, you can take care of every detail, yet customer complaints are bound to come up at some point.

Instead of ignoring or avoiding them, you must be proactive and ready to solve them spontaneously. We read about the most common complaints online dropshipping companies face and how to resolve them.

A good customer service team is as important as your products in the online shopping industry. Solve every single issue that any shopper faces and keep them satisfied always.

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