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Pinterest Free Traffic for Dropshipping – Free Traffic to Your Online Store

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If you run an Ecommerce business or an online store, you must be familiar with the fact that competition is fierce in this industry.

Social media platforms are beneficial to stand out from your competitors, reach your target audience, and drive free traffic to your dropshipping store.

One of the most popular and trusted social media platforms to drive traffic to your dropshipping business and boost sales is Pinterest. In addition to being a resource for valuable content, your Pinterest account can also be a great free traffic source.

An effective Pinterest marketing strategy combined with content marketing and email marketing makes driving traffic to your dropshipping business convenient.

Pinterest – Social Media Platforms

Pinterest is among the United States most-visited websites daily, boasting over 400 million active users monthly.

Pinterest ads and its many Pins attract free traffic for Ecommerce websites and dropshipping stores, giving them more exposure and higher Google rankings.

Pinterest can work wonders for your online store and offers multiple advantages besides boosting your organic traffic.

You can go through Pinterest boards to discover upcoming and latest product trends, review and save pins or relevant boards, use paid ads, target specific keywords for products, predict high-selling products, and much more.

Why is Pinterest Recommended for Dropshipping Stores?

Like social media pages and other websites, Pinterest is well-known for its visual content. Moreover, there are roughly 250 million monthly Pinterest users exclusively for Ecommerce, and it is a great source to find new customers and people interested in your products.

You can build a long-term strategy, go through created boards and search results for free product research, and see what is trending in your target market.

The average sale order on Pinterest is $50, higher than any other social media marketplace and over 90% of Pinterest users plan their future purchases after surfing through the platform.

As the name suggests, this platform lets you pin your interests. You can share creative photos related to your brand and products and search for ideas and inspirations.

People who search for topics related to your products or similar long-tail keywords can land upon your valuable content, which will further boost traffic to your Ecommerce store.

When you create boards or pins, you can attach links to your online store website. People interested in your products and other users who click the link will drive traffic to your dropshipping store.

Great Product Discovery Platform

With time, many of Pinterest’s features have changed and developed. Most Pinterest users are female, almost 80% of total users. Male users are increasing daily, with millennials aged 18-29 forming the bulk of the platform’s users.

Dropshipping store owners can now use Pinterest for their business to communicate with customers and produce more free traffic and sales.

Almost every user on the platform uses it for product discovery, with 87% of them making purchases after going through Pinterest search results.

No wonder it is a fantastic source to attract free traffic for your dropshipping store and reach your potential customers.

Let’s check out how to get free traffic for your online business using Pinterest instead of paid advertising on other websites or social media platforms.

You can generate more organic traffic to your Ecommerce store with the right marketing strategy.

How to get Free Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store Through Pinterest

In today’s technology-based world, where almost everything is happening online, millions of Ecommerce websites are operating worldwide.

Your dropshipping store can get overshadowed by competitors and you must do everything possible for driving traffic and boosting your website visitors.

Just like social media marketing, content marketing, or email marketing prove helpful, Pinterest is an excellent source of free traffic without paid advertisement on search engines or social media accounts.

Get More Traffic Without Spending Much

When the question arises of how to drive free traffic to a dropshipping store using Pinterest, generally, you have two options – paid and organic traffic.

Like any search engine or social media paid traffic, you need to run ads regularly, just like Google ads or YouTube video ads. However, organic is the better and cheaper option.

Here is how you can use your Pinterest account to drive free traffic to your dropshipping store. You will gain a better social media following, boost website visitors, reach your target audience, and gain more traffic conveniently.

Build a Pinterest Business Profile

The first step involves setting up your Pinterest business profile instead of a normal personal profile. Your Pinterest profile must have your business name, store logo, business email, username, and other relevant information.

Add a short story about your company, its values, products, services, and objectives. Also, you must provide a link to your dropshipping store if you want a free traffic source.

You can even link your YouTube channel, educational videos, Facebook group, etc., for your potential customers.

This way, your profile visitors will have instant access to your online store and can leave additional information about your created pins and boards.

Create an Effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Any marketing, be it content or email marketing, needs an effective and planned strategy.

It would be best if you established your goals, aims, opportunities, and target customer segment, to succeed on Pinterest.

With set goals, you will know what to do precisely and will come up with effective strategies and techniques. It would help if you focused on the –

  • Boosting brand awareness and online presence
  • Better engagement and customer interaction
  • Reaching new audience to get free traffic for your store

Also, study your target audience and establish a brand image, voice, and tone that they will love.

Create More than 5 Pinterest Boards for Your Profile

Pinterest boards include various Pins that are related to a single topic. Through boards, you can promote your product categories among your audience.

When you create boards, you can promote an entire lifestyle showcased by your brand instead of any single service or product. Users who go through your boards and like your products will visit your store and increase free traffic.

So make sure that you build at least five boards or more than that on your profile.

Add Great, Relevant Content to the Boards

Don’t just post your products; create your boards with meaningful, relevant content so users can derive value from them.

If you sell clothes, you include different combinations of a product or how to style it so that users can get inspiration. Instead of following one theme, use diverse, aesthetic visuals to attract users.

People will pay more attention to your boards and pins when they stand out from the crowd. This way, they are more likely to become customers and offer free traffic to your dropshipping store.

Visual content is the best way to achieve customer retention, and you should use different forms like a blog post, product updates, videos, etc.

Add Website Links to Each of Your Pins

Search engine optimization is essential, and you can improve it by adding website links to your Pins. Adding a website link to your Pin creates a backlink and further boosts your Google search rankings.

All your Pinterest posts and Pins should have your website links if you want free traffic to your dropshipping store.

Remember to use link shorteners sparingly in the descriptions because most users get a spam notice after clicking on them. Users who feel a security risk will likely avoid visiting your Ecommerce store.

Include SEO(Search Engine Optimization)-Optimized Post Descriptions

Search engine optimization is vital whether you deal with Google ads or YouTube videos or want to generate more dropshipping traffic via Pinterest.

Conduct proper research to find relevant keywords that are searched the most by your target customer base. Use the results to create a Keyword plan, including your Pins and the corresponding keywords. Use SEO-optimized board titles and Pin descriptions for the best results.

Establish a Publishing Schedule

Make sure that you have a uniform, well-planned publishing schedule on Pinterest. You will lose followers and potential traffic if you post less or less.

Some experts state that 2-5 Pins are best, while some believe 15-25 Pins are best. The best way is to post regularly for a week and then create your schedule based on the reach, impressions, engagement, etc.

Use Pinterest Analytics

Analyze the following metrics to review your Pinterest performance –

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Pin Clicks
  • Outbound Clicks
  • Reach
  • Video Views
  • Total Playtime
  • Save Rate
  • Total Engaged Audience

This will help you post better content, post at the best times, and attract more traffic to your dropshipping store.

Best Product Niches and Businesses to Promote on Pinterest

Most business owners, online retailers, etc., which sell dropshipping products that can be showcased in an aesthetic, visually-appealing manner benefit the most from Pinterest.

Usually, business-to-consumer companies get more benefits on Pinterest than business-to-business firms, as Beauty and Fashion are the most popular niches on Pinterest. You can even use influencer marketing and customer testimonials for better results.

Here are the most searched product niches on the platform –

  • Auto
  • Food
  • Home Decor
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Antiques and Collectibles
  • Beauty and Clothing

These are the most searched-for niches and have the potential to generate the most free traffic for Ecommerce stores. However, other product categories will succeed.

With the right strategy and techniques, you can use Pinterest for more traffic to your store, no matter what products you sell.


People worldwide use Pinterest to follow their interests, discover inspiration and ideas, and post creative, aesthetic pictures.

Many dropshippers and online business owners use Pinterest to engage with their target audience, attract traffic to their stores, and boost overall sales.

If you use Pinterest in the right manner, there is a huge possibility of increasing website visitors, potential customers, and your ROI.

Ecommerce store owners can use the tips and tricks discussed in the above blog to drive free traffic to their dropshipping stores using Pinterest. The platform is a gold mine of visual content and you can leverage its features to take your dropshipping business to new heights.

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