The Ultimate Guide on How to Transfer Domain to Shopify

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If you’re looking to move your domain over to Shopify, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of transferring your domain from another domain provider’s name to Shopify. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Let’s get started!

Basics of How to Transfer Domain to Shopify store

Making the decision to launch an ecommerce business using Shopify ecommerce platform is an exciting step for any entrepreneur. If your domain name is already registered under another hosting provider, there’s no need to worry – transferring it to Shopify is easy and hassle-free! The process starts by ensuring full access to your existing domain name account and updating your payment account information with your new purchase information.

Once payment is processed and accepted, the next step involves inputting details into the DNS settings of your Shopify store, followed by deleting your old DNS zone file so that the server points connect the existing domain name exclusively to Shopify’s name servers. While this might sound complicated, domains can often take up to 48 hours to fully transfer over due to propagation times – so don’t be alarmed if all changes are not immediate! Once complete, you will have seamless control over your store and its corresponding domain name in one convenient place.

Transfer domain to Shopify store

Why should you transfer your domain to Shopify? 

There are several benefits to transferring your domain to Shopify, including improved website performance and increased security.

Improved Website Performance

Transferring your domain to Shopify can help you get the most out of your website’s performance. With features like caching that enables faster loading times and a content delivery network (CDN) that speeds up those load times even further, a Shopify domain allows for reduced lag experiences on your website. That means visitors won’t be stuck waiting around for pages to load. They can get where they want to go quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Shopify automatically optimizes images, which gives you smoother visuals with smaller file sizes than ever before. Allowing more of your assets to be transferred without slowing down any potential browsing experiences. Combined with powerful APIs, post & page-level customization, and wraparound support from the development team – transferring your domain will ensure a seamless experience for both you and any visitors who come across it. In short, investing in a transfer is an important step in ensuring you enjoy improved website performance all around.

Increased Security

If you’re looking for a reliable platform to store and manage your domain, then look no further than Shopify. By transferring your domain to Shopify, you can access industry-leading security protocols designed to protect your web presence from malware and online attacks. Unlike other hosting platforms whose protection levels are often substandard, Shopify is dedicated to ensuring every website belonging to their customers is guarded against digital threats.

To bridge the gap between your business and cybercrime, Shopify utilizes advanced technology such as Content Security Policy (CSP) and Domain Name System (DNS) Firewall, which provides a well-fortified network perimeter. With this extra layer of protection, you can rest assured that the information stored within your domain is safeguarded at all times.

Increased Sales

Another reason to transfer your domain to Shopify is that it can help increase sales. Shopify is a trusted platform that is used by some of the world’s largest brands, which can give customers confidence when shopping in your store. Additionally, Shopify offers powerful marketing and SEO tools that can help you promote your products and reach more customers.

Ease of Use

Shopify provides an effortless way of registering and transferring a domain name to its platform. With the domains tool, you can quickly search for and purchase domains associated with your brand or product without having to place orders through a third-party domain provider or third-party platforms.

Once the domain is transferred, you can easily connect it to your existing Shopify store using one-click connection technology. Setting up a custom email address with your new domain name is so easy you can do it within minutes! With complete control over your domain settings and no additional cost or stress in managing a separate registrar system, transferring your domain to Shopify ensures a smooth experience right from the start.

Lower Costs

It is essential to ensure your business operates in the most cost-effective way, and that includes managing your domain. Transferring your domain to Shopify can make all the difference when it comes to saving money, as you will benefit from lower costs for hosting your domain provider account and adding further incentives such as discounts on its products.

Additionally, you gain access to streamlined custom domain management tools which make transferring and setting up domains quicker and easier when using Shopify’s services. This makes transferring your domain to Shopify a great move due to the time efficiency and financial savings it will bring you. Furthermore, it offers dedicated customer service should any questions or queries arise during the transition process, so you are always supported throughout. Using Shopify for your domain needs is a great choice for those businesses looking for easy setup and cost savings.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Transfer Your Domain to Shopify 

Transferring a domain to Shopify is a straightforward process that involves just these simple steps:

Log in to Your Shopify Admin

The first step is to log in to your Shopify admin. To do this, go to your shop’s URL and add /admin to the end. For example, if your shop’s URL is, you would go to to log in. The admin page is where you can access all of your store’s settings.

Go to the “Domains” Page

Once you’re logged in, click on the “Domains” link in the left-hand sidebar. This will take you to the Domains page, where you can manage your shop’s domains. Remember, this page will only show up if you’re using a Shopify plan that includes domain names.

Click on the “Add Domain” Button

On the Domains page, you will see a button that says “Add Domain.” Click on this button to begin the process of adding a new domain to your shop. The next step after click transfer domain is to enter the domain name that you would like to transfer. The domain name should be in the format “” with no spaces or special characters.

Enter Your Domain Name

When prompted, enter the domain name that you want to transfer to Shopify and select your current registrar from the drop-down menu. If you’re not sure who your registrar or domain provider is, you can look it up using WHOIS. This information is generally included along with the details in your purchase or renewal emails.

Verify Domain Ownership

The next step is to verify your domain ownership. This can be done by entering a verification code that is provided by your registrar or making changes to your domain’s DNS settings. Once you have completed this process, you will need to wait for Shopify to complete the transfer. Depending on your registrar, this can take up to 5 days.

Complete Domain Transfer

Once the domain transfer process is complete, you will receive an email from Shopify confirming that your domain has been successfully transferred. You can now start using your new domain on your shop and access additional features such as setting up custom email addresses, tracking URL analytics, and connecting other services to your store. Congratulations, you’ve successfully transferred your domain to Shopify!

By transferring your domain to Shopify, you’ll be able to benefit from lower costs, easier setup, and streamlined management of all domains associated with your online store. Plus, the process is so easy that anyone can do it with minimal effort.

Things to Remember When Transferring Your Domain to Shopify

Transferring your domain to Shopify is simple and straightforward, but there are some important points to keep in mind. Here’s what you should remember:

• The transfer process can take up to seven days to complete. This can vary depending on the registrar you are transferring from, so make sure you plan ahead for any delays.

• You’ll need to renew your current domain name when it transfers to Shopify. Domains are typically renewed annually, so make sure you have the money set aside for this expense.

• Some registrars may charge an additional fee for transferring a domain away from their service. Check with your domain provider’s transfer policy before starting the transfer process to see if there are any fees you need to pay eligible for transfer only.

• If you’re transferring more than one domain to your email account from Shopify, you may need to add additional nameservers. This can be done through the “Domains” page in your Shopify admin.

• You’ll need to unlock the domain of your domain with your current registrar before transferring it to Shopify. This is a security measure that prevents anyone else from transferring your domain without your permission.

• Lastly, make sure to keep track of all the changes that are made during the transfer process. This will help ensure that everything goes smoothly and your business doesn’t suffer any downtime.

With these tips in mind, you should now be ready to start transferring your domain to Shopify. Follow the steps outlined above for a hassle-free domain transfers experience, and enjoy all the benefits that come with having a domain on Shopify!


Transferring your domain to Shopify can benefit you in multiple ways. You will get increased security and protection, greater sales potential, and cost savings. Additionally, the transfer domain name process is simple and easy to do with their intuitive platform.

Follow the steps outlined above for a smooth transition of your domain to Shopify. With this helpful guide and the features Shopify offers, you can make the most out of transferring your domain and start taking advantage of all the benefits today. Good luck!

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