Hustlers University Review 2023 – Is Huster’s University Worth it?

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If you’ve been on TikTok or any other social media platform, you’ve probably run into Andrew Tate and his ever-growing online presence. One thing that you’ll learn from watching Andrew Tate’s content is his Hustler University program.

Hustler University 2.0 is the latest version of his membership that teaches entrepreneurs how to escape the “matrix” and make money online without working a dead end job. You might be asking yourself, “is Hustlers University worth it?” or if you should join hustler’s University. If this is the case, read our Hustlers University 3.0 review to find out if this program is right for you.

In this Hustlers University review, I list dozens and a half different reasons you might want to take or avoid such a move, as well as recommend an alternative course.

Does Andrew Tate have a good reputation?

Hustler’s University has a bit of controversy, mainly due to the controversialness of Andrew Tate. Several prominent YouTube fans claim that Andrew Tate has been convicted of alleged abuses, including human trafficking, but these claims have not been proven. The video offers an excellent overview. 

Despite those allegations, the actor’s new star Andrew Tate has built up quite a large following online – I did some research that found more praise than negative reviews of the book. Andrew Tate preaches wealth creation for entrepreneurs that are cash poor time rich, and are looking to gain money making skills.

Andrew Tate hustlers university

Andrew Tate, or Cobra Tate, makes most of his money online through the Hustler University Affiliate program. Course members repurpose Andrew Tate content and promote Husterl’s University through an affiliate link. Although some may see this business model as a get rich quick scheme or multi level marketing scheme, this course does provide some basic knowledge and understanding of many online business models.

What is Hustlers University 2.0?

Hustlers University 2.0 aims primarily to make money online through 18 innovative wealth-building technologies. The organization has been Tate Andrew Tate since 2021. HU is designed to help students earn passive income online. Hustlers University is a place where we teach you how to make money. This community provides you with access to stock market analysis options, crypto analyses, and more.

How does Hustler’s University help you make money online?

Hustlers University is an entire series of online training classes designed to make online money. The popular courses inside Hustler University – the University’s campus — are shown below. You will learn from our many teachers and instructors during the training. Hustlers University aims to promote financial freedom and financial planning to all its members.

All of the business plans and investment strategies have been taught by an instructor who has helped him make more than $1 million in revenue. This course covers many topics such as Shopify dropshipping and e commerce, stock analysis, online sales and digital marketing, and training courses in other online business models.

How is Hustler’s University structured? Making Money Online

This program and all the lessons are run through private Discord servers. These private discords host the online community that provides online training courses and a knowledge hub to its members. Hustler’s University has multiple campuses, each with its own Discord channel. These private discord servers allow students to navigate the training lessons and provide members with a discord bot if they need help or have questions. Discord might be an excellent platform, but I recommend using some of the best membership site platforms for hosting online courses.


Hustlers University seems to have an outstanding community. This week, more than 5000 people participated in the competition. Andrew Tate must give you this to attract many people worldwide. Hustlers University requires some scrolling. This primarily applies to larger and more prominent campuses where you must scroll through lots of content to get what you need.

Freelance Campus

Another excellent freelancing school. There is clear instruction, plenty of instruction, text and video lessons. Moreover, it’s well structured – it will not display all the pages immediately — but immediately after you complete a lesson. So there are better learning opportunities at the University. The lessons inside cover many topics, such as writing articles, blog post lessons, and more.

Stocks Campus

Stock College specializes in learning about trading options. The film is very good, and as I’d said, the quizzes are IMO too numerous. I would be happy if we had videos available on YouTube. This combines texts in general, and students usually teach lectures.

Ecommerce Campus

The ecommerce campus shows students how to make money online with dropshipping and ecommerce using Shopify. This is my most difficult navigation tool and mostly texts lessons. There are videos, most of which are presented as slideshows. It is worth the cost, though, as most of the lessons inside contain useful information.

Copywriting College

Copy Writing Campus is probably best as they offer video lectures. Many are equipped with additional materials, such as online resources and PDFs. It was easy to understand and was good information.

Amazon FBA Campus

Amazon FBA Campus is quite excellent too. The lesson is displayed in the same way. The video again includes a lot of pictures and then a lot of text.

Crypto Campus

Crypto campuses are like the Stock campuses because they have more visuals and require no periodic quizzes.

War Room

Cobra Tate also offers a mastermind group known as “War Room”. In this high-ticket mastermind, high-paying members can meet with Andrew Tate, Tristian Tate, and other prominent members to collaborate in person. Whether the war room is a worthwhile investment is debatable. War Room members keep information private, so it’s difficult to assess whether the mindset shift from this mastermind is a worthwhile investment.

How do you start with Hustlers University?

Firstly, you need to purchase it for 49 USD – it’s an annual subscription similar to Netflix. Just enter a few credit card details! When your welcome email has arrived, then it should start (and also work through a browser). You’re welcome to go to the introduction tutorial section. During these lectures, the professor will help you determine your current state by giving you written tutorial videos that you can watch. They can help you identify the best way of making money immediately and efficiently. These actions occur through what is known as the cash flow quadrant.

hustlers university 2.0 hustlers university 3.0


Tate is claiming that the cost of the membership has been inflated by $50/month, but he is saying he has no extra taxes to pay. Tate says it’s not more than $50 for the membership, but that’s a pretty decent amount – a good $5000 to $900 per year can be used to pay for the name of your website, hosting, Google Drive, Grammarly Premium and other items that contribute toward creating an online business for you. If this was my view, the course value should increase by about $7 or $9 per month since most course details are available online and are usually covered much further than other courses.

Discount or coupon code

I searched for some offers on the Web, but there is no link for logging in or entering your code when shopping. You must pay it all or search the internet for leaks because they’re huge.

No refund policy

This policy does not include refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hustlers University teach you?

Hustlers University 2.0 teaches students how to create & launch a successful online business. The objective was to teach individuals how to earn money online.

How many people are in hustlers university?

Tate announced its online course had over 100,000 participants in June, and the criticisms have branded the scheme a scam.

Is hustlers University a monthly subscription?

Then get into Hustlers’ University. Starting at 49$, this is a monthly membership. Once you have paid for your account, you’re ready to join the many discord groups and discord channels dedicated to this program.

Should I join Hustlers University?

I can say it is not true. Most businesses take months to create, and most have outdated customer information. You’ll typically spend much more than the $50 you’re claiming, as the monthly subscription doesn’t charge for an additional month. There are many FREE coaching available in this industry that real-life professionals in this field have compiled. I used SEO for my work, and there is a free eBook for you to do the same.

Are Andrew Tate’s students getting results?

Andrew Tate claims that most of his students continue to enroll because they are making more money than the program’s cost. Despite this controversy, Hustler students can easily report results across campus. Some testimonials appear on the CourseInfo Page, although the content isn’t convincing. Many criticize it, with only a few real success cases being presented. Many student earnings, however, exceed that of HU, so my impression is that the training is beneficial in all cases.

Hustlers University: Should You Buy It?

You probably saw Andrew T. Tate Hustler University 2.0 everywhere on the internet, from Instagram to Youtube to TikTok. Hustler University 2.0 is an online learning program that comprehensively looks at how it operates. Does Hustlers University make sense? Do you earn enough? Is it necessary? This report helps people understand Hustlers University 2.0 value.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate was born in the United States and moved to England as a teenager. Andrew Tate had early success in his kickboxing career but is known for his rise to fame by discussing controversial topics on men’s issues. Andrew adapted the lessons of his father, Emory Tate, a chess grandmaster.

Hustlers University Review Conclusion and Alternative Course

Andrew Tate aims to teach entrepreneurs how to get on the right path to financial freedom with Hustler University. Although the course does provide some basic knowledge of many online business models, it doesn’t provide enough in-depth knowledge on how to be successful on your path to make money online.

For those looking for a more refined program, we recommend checking out EcomUpstart. This membership offers a complete Shopify dropshipping course and discussion group. Members will learn how to start their Shopify dropshipping store, find dropshipping products to sell, cover product research methods, run google ads, meta ads, and more.

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