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Frequently Asked Questions

Your store will take  7-14 business days. Depending on the required revisions and how busy we are, time may vary.

After you place your order, you can enter any personalized dropshipping products or specific products you want to list. If you don't have your own products, we choose from top selling products based on current market trends.

Yes. We provide several logo concepts from you to choose from that we customize. We also use premium licensed images.

We do not insert or do any custom coding on stores. All the premium functions are included with your theme. This way no bugs or errors will arise once your store is setup.

We provide support with all our packages. If any error or issue comes up, we will go in and fix them. If you need any extra services outside of your order you can contact us and additional fees will apply.

The only cost to run your store is a shopify plan. Shopify starts at $29 per month.

If you need any additional services, please contact us directly for a quote on any additional services.

We provide stores for almost any niche unless a product is not available. Below are some of the most popular niches.
  • electronics & accessories
  • womens fashion
  • general store
  • pets store
  • swimwear
  • backpacks
  • phone cases
  • general fashion store
  • men's fashion store
  • home decor
  • Shoe store
  • beauty
  • jewelry
  • eyewear
  • home decor
  • lingerie
  • metaphysical store
  • kitchen products
  • activewear
  • fitness products Hair and extensions
Please keep in mind that some niches are restricted with some payment gateways. We will still make the store if you need a restricted niche. But you will have to apply for your own high-risk payment gateway.

Yes. Once you place your order, you will be sent a form for you to submit your details. 

You can mix and match any niches or products that you want. Simply let us know what type of products you want in your store and we will build the store with your preferences.