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Best Business Name Generators: 16 Free Tools to Find The Best Names

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Starting up a business is challenging. How do you develop a brand that is relevant to your customers, well-backed, and easily accessible? For those of you wanting a branded domain. Ideally, you’ll want to purchase a dot com domain. Often, it takes several days to find an ideal name for the business to get the right one.

Your business’s name will also be your startup’s branding and marketing tool. A cool and innovative name means more customers and traffic visiting your store and creating hype. Therefore, deciding on a brand-able and easy-to-remember brand name is a good idea.

A business name generator tool will help you choose a cool name for your new startup. Using a reliable name generator tool is vital for the best results. In this article, we’ll be showing you 13 business name generators to find the most suitable name for your new business.

free business name generator

Keep on reading to get the idea of how to name your startup.

Benefits of a unique business name

A good business name is the first step to launching an online business or brand. A great brand begins with a great name. Following are the benefits of selecting a unique and brandable brand name:

  1. Sets your brand apart from the competition
  2. Increases customers’ interest in the brand ideology
  3. Helps in online marketing and creating ads
  4. Helps in better branding of your online store
  5. It makes it easier to register your brand name and get an available domain

How to name your business

Now that you know the benefits and perks of keeping a unique name for your new business and online store, here are some tips on naming your business.

Keep it simple and easy to pronounce

When selecting a name for your business, remember to keep it simple and easy. If your brand name is easy to remember, it will help brand your startup.

Make it cool and memorable

We come across dozen of brands every day. So, which ones do you remember? The ones that are different and quirky. Keep this in mind while naming your brand.

For example, using names like ‘ace attires’ or ‘Nemesis jewels’ instead of descriptive words will positively impact your brand image.

Try to make it sound fun

Using one-word names will help in branding as shorter names are easily memorized. You can also try alliteration or rhyming words to make the brand name sound fun and interesting.

Examples of fun names include ‘Fry Guys,’ ‘Mars Cars,’ ‘shoe guru,’ etc.

Remember your potential customers

Remember your target audience before naming your brand. For example, if you sell kids’ toys, try to keep your brand name simple and easy to pronounce. It will help bring in the targeted audience, i.e., small kids and young adults.

Check the domain name availability

Not all domain names will be obtainable for your selected name. In addition, some domains are costly as well. Therefore, always check for the domain’s availability and cost before finalizing the name.

Pro Tip : You can use go daddy’s Bulk Domain Search to help you search and register multiple domain names at once.

Check social media availability

Remember to check if the user names on different social media channels are available for the brand name. In today’s world, most marketing is done using social media; therefore, having an official page for your brand is essential.

Get literal

Using literal and descriptive words in the brand name will make it sound quirky and fun. Therefore, try incorporating real and literal words in your business’s name.

So, get creative and come up with an amazing name for your business.

Register your business name

Lastly, remember to register your business’s name to prevent copyright strikes. Registering a brand name will provide you with all the legal rights associated with it, and no one else will be able to use it for their business.

13 Free Business Name Generator Tools

Are you starting a business but confused about what to name it? Or are you continuously brainstorming brand name ideas without any progress?

Luckily if you don’t have enough time to brainstorm business names, the business name generator helps you find an appealing company name with domain availability. Check out these amazing online name generators.


The first and most loved business name generator for your brand is Shopify. Shopify claims to generate a unique and creative business name within 10 seconds. To use Shopify’s business name generator, just enter one keyword description related to your business model.

Once you press ‘Enter,’ the name generator will quickly generate a suitable name for your business. Not only that, but it will also assist you in securing a domain name and kickstart your business idea.

Mentioned below are a few bases for why Shopify has one of the best name generators currently available:

  • The Shopify name generator is a free tool
  • It helps search for a 100% unique name in under ten seconds
  • It enables you to attach an appropriate domain name to your business
  • It is reliable and fast
  • It provides a lot of different company names’ options to choose from


Anadea is another free business name generator tool that will help you generate a quirky and fun business name for your brand. It is fast and provides a lot of options to choose from. In addition, it also offers a’ .com domain name’ availability search.

To generate a brand name on Anadea, just open ‘‘ on your web browser and enter a keyword relevant to your business idea. Then press ‘generate names’ to get the list of potential brand names. Next, you can scroll through the names list and select the best fit.

Below is a summary of why Anadea can be the best fit for your business name generator requirements:

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It provides a lot of different and unique brand names to select
  • It can do domain name search (will only display brand names that have a domain name available)
  • It is a great tool to search for business names for new businesses and startups
  • It also has a website name and app name generator

Wix Business Name Generator

If you’re looking for one of the easiest tools to generate a name for your business, look no further than the free Wix Business Name Generator. This tool uses AI technology to transform any keywords you input into various catchy names related to your business.

Using Wix Business Name Generator is simple. Simply enter a keyword that describes your business and select the industry of your business. The AI will then spit out a list of curated brand names for your business.

Following are some more benefits of using the TRUIC business name generator:

  • Provides a list of names based on your industry and keyword provided.
  • Uses advanced AI to generate branded names
  • Provides list of names based on your target industry
  • Free to use and works well with other Wix tools
  • Wix provides you with names that have a dot com domain available


If you’re looking to come up with a branded and catchy business name, Namelix business name generator is one of the best tools for generating a branded name for your business. Namelix provides you with various styling and naming options to come up with a catchy branded business name.

When using Namelix, you simply enter a variety of keywords that describe your business or industry. You’ll then be presented with various options on the style of name you want for your business. Some of these options include: alternate spelling like Lyfy and Uber, real words like Amazon and Apply, and compound words like FedEx and Microsoft.

Some other benefits of using the Namelix business name generator include:

  • Provides option to set a character limit on generated business names
  • Can use existing brand names to come up with unique new names
  • Allows you to select what time of domain extensions to show.
  • Provides a large assortment of logos with your generated business names.


Having a fantastic brand or business name is vital in making your company stand out. The Looka Business Name Generator provides you with a tool that helps you brainstorm your business name ideas, generate a logo, and make sure domain availability exists for your business name.

Using Looka, simply enter keywords that describe your business or industry. Once you enter any keywords, you’ll receive a large list of AI generated names for your business. You’ll be able to browse through names and also check if a domain is available for that name. After selecting a name, Looka will generate an assortment of logos you can also purchase with your domain. Looka provides you with everything you need to generate your business name, logo and purchase the domain.

Below are some features and benefits of using Looka business name generator:

  • Provides you with keyword ideas to help generate your business name.
  • Instantly displays domain availability for business names.
  • Generates logos for your business or domain name.
  • AI can use multiple keywords to generate names


Choosing a business name can become tiring and hectic real quick. TRUiC’s free business name generator will help ease your task. To date, TRUiC is the most reliable and up-to-date AI name generator tool. It will also ensure that the ‘.com domain’ is available for the generated name.

To use TRUiC, just enter two keywords that best describe your business or what you want in your business’s name. If you are earmarking a certain area, add the location in the generator (skip it if your location is national). Lastly, press ‘enter’ to generate hundreds of unique business names.

Following are some more benefits of using the TRUIC business name generator:

  • It provides private search results as the search is not publicly recorded
  • It is the most advanced name generator tool currently available
  • You can create location-specific business names
  • You will get more than a hundred creative names for your company
  • TRUiC will make sure the .com domain is available

Business name generator (BNG)

Another business name generator that works on the keywords’ search is the Free Business name generator tool. Creating a new company name from the start can be a daunting process. The Free Business name generator will help you streamline the process.

To use this tool, simply enter a few keywords related to your company name ideas and tap on the ‘Get started’ icon. Next, use filters to browse the several name ideas and save the ones you like. Lastly, register the domain name for your brand name to prevent copies and losing access.

The Free business name generator also provides some perks for its users. A few of which are:

  • It will help you find a brand name in almost all the niches, which means it has no limitations
  • It will provide branding guides for naming your company
  • You can filter the brane name by using single word names, two words name, etc
  • It will simultaneously check for the domain name availability as well
  • It will provide dozens of brand name ideas for your business
  • You can re-check the tool to get the new, memorable, and quirky names every time


WebHostingGeeks is a business name generator tool that will help you a lot in naming your business. It is a great tool as it provides a wide range of options and choices for a brand name. It is simple and easy to use as well.

To use WebHostingGeeks, open a web browser, type ‘,’ and press enter. Once the website opens, enter a few keywords to describe the names you want for your brand. You can then select the domain types for example ‘.net’, ‘.com’ etc.

You can also select where in the name you want the keyword to be (starting, middle, end) and the length of the business name. Here’s why WebHostingGeeks is popular among new business owners:

  • It is a fairly simple and to-the-point tool that is easy to use
  • It has the option to choose the kind of domain you want
  • It asks for extra information to generate a targeted list of brand names
  • It also searches for the domain name availability and social media’s availability for your brand name
  • It will also lookup Twitter to search for the username availability
  • It will also display a list of registrars to register the domain name for your business


NameSnack is another popular and easy-to-use business name generator tool. Using this tool, you are just a few steps from a unique business name for your small business. And it is free to use.

To use NameSnack, open a web browser and enter ‘‘ in the search bar. Once the website opens, you can enter the relevant keywords and press enter. You will be asked to enter the category/niche of your business. Once you fill in the details, it will instantly generate a brand name for your upcoming brand.

Some reasons why NameSnack is so popular among new business owners are:

  • It is a free business name generator tool
  • It provides ease of use and shows reliable results
  • It uses artificial intelligence to dig out fun and quirky names for your business
  • It sorts out the perfect business name in the selected industry to remain relevant
  • It will also show the availability of the .com domain for your brand
  • Lastly, it will also aid in designing a new logo for your online store


SquadHelp is another free business name generator that will help you create a catchy and interesting name idea for your company. It also allows selecting a relevant industry to narrow the search results further.

To use SquadHelp, open the ‘‘ website and enter the relevant industry (electronics, home, etc.). Then enter a few keywords related to your business idea or select from the generated keywords. Lastly, choose the emotion you want the potential customers to feel while referring to your brand ( e.g., trust, reliability, etc.)

SquadHelp will create a brand name for your company with the information provided. It helps create a personal and catchy brand name for a business. Below are some of the basis why you should opt for the SquadHelp business name generator:

  • It is a free and fast tool to create a creative and catchy brand name for your company
  • It also generates a logo for the company
  • It will also pronounce the brand name and show the meaning behind the selected name
  • You can also test the company name ideas with the potential customers
  • It will also show the domain name availability for your business


Wordoids is a name generator tool that will aid you in creating a short and catchy business name for your brand. It is an interesting tool because it invents new words using the phonetics rules. It means the brand names are creative and unique.

To use Wordoids, open a web browser and enter the ‘‘ website. You will see a list of brand names and domains available. You can customize the list by changing the name’s language, quality, and pattern.

You can also add a keyword in the pattern section to make a unique and catchy business name for your new business. It will also aid you in buying a unique domain name for your business using the GoDaddy website.

Even though the suggested names don’t exist in the language yet, they are pronounceable and brand-able quirky names for your business. Businesses having a different touch to their names are always more fascinating to the customers.

Here are the perks you will benefit from while using Wordoids business name generator:

  • It has the option of showing results based on language, quality, domain name preference, etc
  • You can select from a list of catchy made-up names, examples like qualily, obviour, etc
  • As it creates only made-up names, you don’t have to worry about copyrights
  • It will also show the results for the available domains


Brandroot is one of the top business name generators that will surely help you bring your business name ideas to life. Your brand name will come with a certified .com domain and a brand logo in an affordable package.

To use the company name generator by Brandroot, open the web page in your web browser. Then enter the keyword that best describes your business and press enter. Brandroot will instantly show all the business name ideas, which you can heart to save as well.

This company name generator has all the options, from cheap and affordable business names to expensive and premium packages. In addition, you can filter the search results to view the ones in your budget.

Here’s why Brandroot’s company name generator can be the best tool to name your business:

  • It will show business name ideas with registered domain names
  • You will also get a designed logo for your brand
  • It’s a premium tool, but the packages are tailored to every budget group
  • You can filter search results to your liking and wants
  • It is a fast and reliable tool for selecting the best business name for your brand


OneClickName is next on the list of free business name generators. It also provides a logo design and domain availability search for the chosen brand name. It is a name generator that also offers logo design and domain name features in addition to the brand name.

To use OneClickName, open a web browser and enter ‘,’ then press search to open the web page. Next, enter the brand description or a few keywords to describe your business model. Once you get the results, it will show your company’s potential brand names.

Once you finalize the name, you can view the emotions and feelings behind it, its structure, what type of business will benefit the most from it, etc. OneClickName also has several premium domain names for sale. You can buy one for a few hundred bucks.

In summary, OneClickName is a good choice for a business name generator because:

  • It offers a domain availability along with a logo design for your company
  • You can choose and buy from hundreds of domain names
  • It will create a business name relevant to your industry which is vital for a good business name
  • It is a fast and reliable name generator tool that is available for free as well as paid


Domainr is a store name generator that searches for the available domains using a keyword. It is most helpful in finding a domain name for your brand. Examples of domain names can be ‘.io’, ‘.com’, ‘.net’ etc.

To use Domainr for finding an available domain, open the ‘‘ web page in your web browser. Then enter the domain name to search whether it is available or not. It will also help you create a company name.

So, what makes Domainr so great? A few of the reasons for that are mentioned below:

  • It uses the provided keyword search to look for obtainable domain names
  • It provides real-time services for selecting unique domain names
  • It will look for the best domain name fit for your services
  • It makes searching for domains fun and easy
  • It will help you find the best business name for your brand


Zyro is a website builder tool that will help new and emerging company owners. It also provides a free business name generator tool. Having the capability to create domain names Zyro will bring your business name ideas to life.

To use Zyro, open the ‘‘ web page from your web browser. Then enter the keyword(s) related to your industry and separate them by commas. Lastly, tap on the ‘generate name’ icon to create a company name for your brand.

Zyro name generator tool will also help you in the following ways:

  • It will help create a domain name for your company
  • It will also display business name ideas for your new business
  • Once you finalize the brand name, you can then make a business website using Zyro as well


Novanym is another innovative name generator tool that will bring your business name ideas to life. The best thing about Novanym is that the names are created by their team of professionals rather than AI. So it gives them the advantage of having catchy names that evoke emotions.

To use Novanym, open the ‘‘ web page from your browser. Then enter a few keywords that best suit your business model. Then you can select the industry (electronics, home goods, etc.) and the style of the name you want (e.g., contemporary, modern, etc.).

Novanym will find all the unique business name ideas you can select from. Not only that, but Novanym will also search for an appropriate domain name for your brand. You can make a one-time purchase of the domain, but the brand name is free of cost.

Here are the top reasons how Novanym can bring your business name ideas to life:

  • It will search for all the catchy names related to your business idea for free
  • You will get a logo design for your business as well
  • Novanym will also search for the available .com domain
  • You can search for different sectors and niches
  • The names are created by professionals, not AI software hence have a human touch to them

Creative business name ideas

You can incorporate these words in your brand name to narrow your services without a long description. By reading the brand name, customers will easily learn about your services.

  1. Industry

Include ‘industry’ in your brand name to show the scale of your business. For example:

  • Kine industry
  • Apparel industry etc
  1. Movers

If your business is related to transport and cargo, you can add ‘movers’ in your business name to market your services better, for example:

  • Matrix movers
  • Aardvark movers etc
  1. Supply

If your industry is related to demand and supply, adding it to the business’s name will help you market your services, for example:

  • Vivid supply
  • dry supply etc

Just like the above examples, you can also add other terms like ‘media’, ‘defense’, etc in the name to describe your industry.

Some unique business names

Creating a descriptive, memorable, and easy-to-remember brand name for your startup is a good way to improve your customer base. It will also differentiate your brand from the competitors and help customers connect to it. But brainstorming for the one perfect name can take ages.

A great business name is usually one word or a maximum of two words long. Shorter brand names guarantee better memorability and marketing.

Below are some of the unique business names in different industry niches. Study these names and look for what makes them unique and different.

  1. Kiddily
  2. Jumpsync
  3. The Manifest
  4. Aceable
  5. Intrepid
  6. Squad help
  7. Shippliers
  8. Formonix
  9. crowdstage
  10. Hiphonic


How do I come up with a catchy business name?

Coming up with catchy and interesting business names can be a struggle. Luckily you make this task easy by using a company name generator tool that best suits your needs. There are many free and paid name generator tools available on the internet.

Examples are DomainWheel, NameStation, BrandBucket, etc. You just need a few relevant keywords, and these tools will create a list of names for your business. You can then choose the best business name on the list.

What are some business name ideas?

The best business names are the ones that are memorable and easy to pronounce. Choosing a business name representing your brand is vital to building an audience. Here are a few business names that can help you in naming your business:

Fit Small Business

How do I find a unique company name?

Finding unique company names is not an easy task. First, one needs to ensure that their company name resonates with their audience and is memorable. A great brand starts with a fantastic name.

Therefore, over a dozen business name generator tools can help you choose a unique business name. Some of the free and easy-to-use business name generator tools are below:

Fit Small Business

What are good business names?

Good business names are the ones that resonate with the audience, are easy to pronounce, and are memorable and catchy. Therefore, it is usually preferred for the business names to be one word or two words long to remain easy.

Lastly, a great business name evokes emotions of trust and reliability in the audience and builds trust between the customers and the store.

How do I find a business name?

You need to start brainstorming to get the perfect business name idea for your brand. You must also remember your target industry and the audience’s needs. You need to have a social media presence if you want an online store. You can then use any of the names mentioned above generator tools to create a fascinating and cool brand name for your brand.


By now, you must’ve learned the dos and don’ts of naming your business. You can own your first ever business name by keeping it short and smooth (comprising one word or two) and remembering to register it on time.

So, are you ready to start brainstorming and creating a brandable identity for your business?

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