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Where to Buy Cheap Shipping Boxes: Save on Packaging Costs

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Small businesses must constantly find cost-effective shipping solutions to keep up with the growing online commerce industry and maintain a profitable bottom line. This guide provides detailed information on finding affordable packaging boxes, cheap shipping supplies, and how best to reduce related costs for optimal results in their delivery operations. It outlines which types of boxes are suitable as well as where they can be sourced at an economical price, equipping small companies with the knowledge needed about buying inexpensive shipping containers that meet all requirements without breaking the bank.

Key Takeaways

  • There are various cost-effective shipping box options including corrugated cardboard boxes, poly mailers, and insulated shipping boxes, catering to different product needs and levels of protection required.
  • Numerous stores like Amazon, Uline, Walmart, and Home Depot provide affordable shipping boxes, with additional free options available from couriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL for their customers.
  • Business can adopt eco-friendly practices by utilizing sustainable packaging solutions such as recycled materials and can save on shipping supplies through free options or discounted rates from shipping carriers and platforms.

Types of Affordable Shipping Boxes

Various cardboard shipping boxes

Choosing the correct shipping box can make an immense difference in a business’s packaging expenses. Corrugated cardboard boxes are often seen as being very cost effective, since they offer durability and versatility at competitive prices. Businesses have many sizes available to choose from depending on their product type. It is possible for companies to acquire complimentary secondhand priority mail boxes free of charge by looking up grocery stores or online marketplaces and classified ads, offering them a great way to reduce packaging costs without much effort. Apart from small and medium sized options, there are also large flat rate containers that you could consider when selecting these corrugated carton packages with no shipping fee attached!

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the ideal choice for shipping packages. These containers offer a multitude of benefits, such as durability and strength that protects products from harm while in transit. They remain cost effective even when bought in bulk – like a 25-pack 6 x 6 x 6” box which can be found at Walmart for $21.06. Corrugated cardboard boxes provide an affordable solution with great structural protection during shipment, making them reliable to businesses big or small alike!

Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are an economical way to ship goods that don’t need much protection. These lightweight plastic bags, which are made of tough polyethylene material, can be a more affordable option compared to using boxes. Items such as clothes and footwear that come pre-packaged will often fit perfectly into these envelopes – they’re available in sizes ranging from 6” x 9” all the way up to 14.5” x 19” for bigger items. Shipping with poly mailers could save you both time and money!

Insulated Shipping Boxes

For sending items that require additional protection from temperature or damage, insulated shipping boxes are the ideal solution. These special containers have a cardboard exterior with an interior lined with foam such as polyurethane and expanded polystyrene to maintain insulation around fragile products like foodstuffs and medical supplies. While more expensive than standard cardboard versions, these protective boxes guarantee safe transport of sensitive goods during shipment.

Top 10 Stores to Buy Cheap Shipping Boxes

Stack of shipping boxes in a store

It’s time to take a look at the stores that offer cost-effective shipping boxes and supplies. This guide will help businesses save money on packaging expenses by highlighting 10 of the best places for purchasing these items. Amazon, Uline, Walmart, Target Home Depot, Lowe’s Staples and Packagingsupplies.com are some of them. Also remember local grocery stores as an option! Here we’ll analyze in detail each store’s advantages regarding box products & shipment materials sourcing possibilities.


Amazon’s range of shipping boxes are cost-effective and provide a good selection. Prime members can gain from more advantages such as free delivery with Amazon Prime tape to advertise their brand visibility. Bulk purchases may come at great discounts or Special offers. Boxes costing only a few dollars up to thousands for larger orders are available on the platform. Shipping is complimentary and payment options remain relatively low for amazon prime customers making it accessible across different price ranges including smaller ones like individual boxes!


Uline is the perfect choice for your shipping needs, offering boxes and other supplies at costs that are discounted up to 50% compared to Amazon. Their same day delivery promise ensures speedy results when orders come in before 6:00 p.m., saving you time as well as money! With Uline’s unbeatable prices on bulk order quantities of all types of shipping materials, they’re the best way to make sure your packages arrive quickly and affordably.


Walmart offers convenient shipping options for all business types in various sizes with their selection of tall corrugated cardboard boxes, medium boxes and recycled ones. All the products can be obtained both online and at Walmart’s stores.


Target offers a selection of budget-friendly shipping materials at competitive prices. For instance, storage boxes can be purchased for less than $2 while packing supplies such as bubble wrap cost roughly around $27, all without having to make an online order! Plus, with over two thousand physical locations scattered throughout the US alone, customers have easy access to economical solutions that come in handy when it comes to purchasing and delivering these items.

Home Depot

For companies that need to ship large quantities of goods, Home Depot offers a wide range of shipping boxes in different sizes and materials. By purchasing them in bulk, they can save money while still receiving reliable packing or moving boxes for their deliveries.


For businesses looking to save on packaging supplies, Lowe’s offers a wide selection of boxes that are long-lasting and come in various shapes and sizes. Stock up with brands such as The Home Depot, Pratt Retail Specialties or Bankers Box, bulk buying will bring discounts for even greater savings! Shipping items shouldn’t be an expensive headache thanks to the reliable shipping containers from these leading names.


At Staples, you can find an extensive array of tough and economical moving boxes in varying sizes. For example, a bundle with 20 20x14x14’’ boxes is available for $42.08—a very competitive rate! Allowing shoppers to equip their move efficiently while remaining within budget.


U-Haul offers a selection of box sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large for all kinds of moving needs. They provide boxes specially designed to accommodate items like mirrors, wardrobes and dishes plus packing supplies including bubble wrap, corrugated paper and packaging peanuts. All their products are made with quality in mind so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your move!


At Packagingsupplies.com, customers are offered a wide range of boxes and packaging materials to choose from. There is the brown Kraft option, white carton selection, multi-depth shipping boxes as well as heavy duty options that fit different packing requirements. No matter what kind of supplies you need for your packing needs, packingsupplies has got it covered!

Local Grocery Stores

Grocery stores often have an abundance of cardboard boxes left over from regular product deliveries, and they typically offer them for free. To get the most out of this opportunity, it’s best to call ahead and ask about their delivery schedule. That way you can ensure timely access to these free moving boxes.

Free Shipping Boxes from Major Couriers

Couriers like FedEx, USPS, DHL and UPS offer their customers complimentary shipping boxes as a part of free delivery services. This can make quite an impact in reducing the costs associated with packaging materials for businesses. If more containers are needed than what is provided by the courier companies, then you can buy additional boxes from vendors who specialize in this area.

To Explore every store’s offers regarding free or purchaseable shipping boxes, we will need to take into account all specific details related to each option available at these stores that provide such products along with packing goods without incurring any cost other than acquiring them itself if it applies to your case.

Customers should consider taking advantage of either obtaining one or several types of free shipping/purchased boxwes based on what works best.


USPS offers free shipping boxes in various sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. These can be ordered either individually up to 5 pieces or by the pack of 10/25 for those needing bulk orders for their shipment needs. All Flat Rate boxes come with a guaranteed rate regardless of weight, enabling users an economical way to ship packages worldwide from US Postal Service locations across America.


UPS customers may obtain complimentary boxes for their Express services without cost from the UPS website. No free boxes are given out at its physical store locations. Shoppers will have to buy them there instead.


Customers of FedEx can take advantage of their free shipping boxes which come in small, medium and large sizes. This is to help customers with packing requirements without any charge, but those accounts that are only on cash payment will not be able to order supplies.


DHL has a variety of supplies for shipping purposes, which are free to order from the store without incurring any delivery costs. These items include labels, envelopes and mailers, waybills, padded pouches as well as tube mailers and various types of boxes suitable for different objectives related to transportation. All products can be easily requested online at no additional charge on your part.

Eco-Friendly Shipping Box Options

Businesses seeking methods to reduce their environmental footprint often turn towards eco-friendly shipping boxes. These packages are either crafted from recycled material, sourced sustainably and naturally degradable, which in return reduces the impact on our planet’s health.

Common choices available include: renewable packaging, compostable poly mailers (made of plastic), kraft shopping bags or fillers made out of recyclables as well as biodegradable packing tape and stickers for sustainable operations with minimal waste production. The most sought after choice is usually corrugated cardboard boxes that can also be reused or recycled once delivered for optimal efficiency when it comes to reducing carbon emissions due to transportation costs incurred during delivery processes required by modern business ventures today.

EcoEnclose has emerged lately amongst other retailers offering completely green designs off the back shelf, all options framed through reliance on full recyclability principles established within its comprehensive range effectively providing businesses what they need without having them compromise practices dedicated to promoting sustainability initiatives at a higher level than ever before previously recorded.

Tips for Saving Money on Shipping Supplies

Obtaining free shipping supplies can significantly reduce the cost of packaging for businesses, enabling them to save money and potentially offer more affordable shipping services to their customers. The USPS website and post offices have a variety of free packing materials available for companies which help with costs greatly.

Platforms such as Shopify provide merchants with pre-agreed discounts on major carriers like: DHL Express, UPS, Canada Post Sendle – allowing potential savings up to 88% on delivery expenses!

Prominent transporter Sendle offers reduced shipment rates via discounted agreements made through both US & Canadian Shopify outlets in an effort towards diminishing business spending related specifically to transportation concerns.

By sourcing economical yet effective manufacturing goods without having any additional effects regarding operational budgeting allowance – this allows customer service levels delivered by various large entities to remain high while still striving towards efficient profitability progression overall.

Comparing Shipping Costs Among Couriers

Businesses can identify the most cost-effective shipping services by comparing costs among couriers and utilizing online price calculators. An example of this is USPS Ground Advantage, which begins at $4.75 and usually delivers within 2 to 5 business days while Priority Mail Express has a 1-day delivery option starting at $28.75. UPS evaluates different factors such as package weight, destination location and number of shipped zones in order to determine expenses whereas FedEx provide flat rate boxes along with other options like envelopes paks or tubes for prices that start from just $11.10 per Reusable Envelope (9-1/2” x 12–12 “). Lastly, DHL charges depend on dimensional weight, calculated by multiplying length times width multiplied height then divided by their own dim factor they have set up themselves.


Businesses can greatly reduce packaging costs when they compare shipping expenses among carriers and use free shipping supplies. With the knowledge of affordable box choices, like corrugated cardboard boxes or poly mailers. As well as eco-friendly options for insulated shipping containers. This helpful guide provides tips to ensure businesses receive inexpensive but sufficient materials while caring for our environment. The ten top stores that offer cheap shippin boxes have also been listed so organizations know where to start their search in locating cost effective solutions which will meet their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get boxes for shipping for cheap?

Utilizing their shipping services, you can acquire free supplies such as boxes for your postal needs and save money on packaging materials from USPS, FedEx, DHL or UPS.

Are USPS boxes free?

Yes, USPS boxes are free for everyone, including businesses, and you can pick them up at the post office.

Does the post office sell boxes?

The post office offers a variety of Flat Rate USPS Boxes and Envelopes with flat postage rates regardless of the weight, for purchase.

Why are cardboard boxes so expensive?

Due to the expense of paper pulp, which is needed for cardboard boxes’ manufacturing process, their price can be quite high. Factors like supply and demand dynamics, costs related to transportations as well as environmental regulations might have an impact on how much raw material will cost.

What are some cost-effective options for shipping boxes?

If you are looking for cost-efficient shipping options for boxes, try using corrugated cardboard boxes, poly mailers or insulated shipping ones. You can save on expenses and also keep your items protected while being shipped with these selections.

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