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Kartra vs Kajabi: Unbiased Comparison for Optimal Course Creation in 2023

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When it comes to creating and marketing online courses in the digital age, Kartra vs. Kajabi has become a hot topic of debate. Both platforms have earned their stripes for helping course creators create, market and sell online courses and comprehensive solutions with ease. While both can be great options depending on individual needs, which one is best suited for you? Let’s take an indepth look at both offerings when it comes to online course creation so that you make the right choice!

Key Takeaways

  • Kartra and Kajabi are comprehensive digital marketing platforms, with Kartra providing more sales and marketing capabilities while Kajabi is better suited for course creation.
  • Kajabi offers superior features for course creation & management. Kartra provides advanced tools for sales & marketing. Both offer competitive pricing plans.
  • In terms of user experience and interface, Kajabi is the winner due to its intuitive design and ease of use.

Kartra vs Kajabi: Overview and Key Differences

Kartra has become a widely-used digital marketing platform since its launch in 2018 due to its variety of features that make it easy for marketers and agencies. Core functions include building membership sites, creating courses, and selling physical or both physical and digital products together, as well as advanced tools which enable the running of an entire business from one location. Kajabi is renowned amongst online course creators, trainers and coaches. Making it especially attractive with content creation capabilities geared towards them alone while Kartra’s lacks blogging functionality, something essential for some users who choose Kajabi over other platforms such as Karta. When comparing both channels’ functionalities, when comparing the functionality of both channels. There are major differences between what each can offer so when considering either you must bear this in mind depending on your preferences being more product sales/marketing based (Karta) or dedicated solely to use material for training/coaching purposes (Kjaba).

Course Creation and Management

Digging into the root of this issue: course creation and management. These are crucial to any online training program, both digital and physical products whether it be making interactive courses, organising membership sites or keeping track of pupil progress. Kartra and Kajabi both have something important to offer when it comes to these areas in particular – let’s delve into their features!

When looking at an online course platform such as Kartra or Kajabi, one must assess how they compare for creating engaging lessons, setting up subscription services and managing student activity. All elements which will make a huge difference to your virtual education initiative’s success.


kartra logo

Kartra provides numerous useful tools that compensate for its lack of exclusive focus on course creation, which Kajabi offers. With over 15 elements for building your online courses, you can use videos, audio files, text and PDFs to do so with ease thanks to the platform’s customizable templates and module categorization features. Though it has a high learning curve due to all the options available, Kartra stands out in terms of content delivery as it allows users to create both membership sites and online courses through a unified interface. It is possible to customize access levels according to pricing plans as well as support drip content release though payment settings are flexible enough for either one-time payments or recurring membership site sales alike making creating digital resources via this system fairly straightforward in spite of everything else going on here! In short, while not quite specialized like Kajabi, Kartra still proves remarkably capable when discussing course development without losing any information along the way.


Kajabi logo

When it comes to the field of online course creation, Kajabi is your perfect partner. It offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive building system allowing users to upload various types such as videos, audio files, PDFs and text in order to build engaging courses for their students who can even receive certificates upon completion. And its resources don’t end there! Other features include multiple answer questions quizzes or access progress reports with detailed interactive video features and analytics plus unlimited hosting of content which makes it a great choice if you need large amounts stored on server space. Lastly but not least, they have community tools that help enhance student learning experience – making this solution ideal for those seeking full customization when creating online training programs.

Kajabi provides all the necessary components required in constructing powerful yet effective virtual classes with support community features like open ended quizzes along with retention graphs for tracking learner performance Adding value by automating processes related to efficient course management and also offering user friendly options like viewing data through graphics highlighting what has been retained during study sessions demonstrating how useful this platform really is within the digital education structure!


When it comes to course creation and management, Kajabi is the clear winner. The platform provides powerful tools dedicated specifically for this purpose, making it a highly favored choice among users.

If your goal revolves around effective curriculum development, then selecting Kajabi should be an easy decision to make.

Sales and Marketing Features

Illustration of advanced email marketing and sales funnels in Kartra vs Kajabi

When it comes to selling online courses, having solid sales and marketing capabilities is an absolute must. To get the most out of your online course platform, look for features such as creating effective front sales pages and funnels, executing successful email campaigns, and integrating payment gateways to ensure hassle-free transactions. And providing analytics that can help measure conversions. These advanced elements are especially important when striving towards behavioral adaptive marketing on well designed sale pages.

To better understand how Kartra and Kajabi compare in terms of their respective digital marketing services, let’s delve into them a bit more closely: from running email promotions through setting up creative strategies like designing multilayered emails—they both offer great solutions tailored according to customer needs so you will be sure not miss any essential steps along the way!


Kartra presents an impressive suite of sales and marketing features, which allows users to create effective sales funnels using automation. It offers a sequence page builder with IF-THEN rules as well as unlimited landing pages for split testing optimal campaigns. For email marketing, Kartra is equipped with segmentation options, tagging capabilities and the ability to send broadcast emails in sequences. In terms of affiliate management system, too, it stands out from Kajabi making it an ideal choice if businesses are looking into leveraging affiliate program successfully. All this makes Kartra a powerful tool when aiming at driving conversions through comprehensive campaign building tools along with optimizing user experience via advanced options available for each page or funnel created on its platform.


Kajabi provides effective marketing options with a more oriented approach towards courses. The platform contains lots of integrations and features such as email marketing, customisable pipeline blueprints plus pre-built frameworks to set up campaigns swiftly. Kajabi couples its email service with some automation features so actions can be triggered depending on how users interact with emails sent out by the user.

While Kartra may boast an array of sophisticated marketing capabilities, Kajabi’s offering is structured for course focused targeting yet comes along equipped with mass coupon code generation which could prove invaluable in boosting your offerings’ visibility leading to potentially improved sales revenue.


The unequivocal champion in the marketing features realm has to be Kartra. From setting up successful sales funnels, orchestrating great email marketing efforts, or executing top-notch affiliate marketing campaigns yourself, this platform is designed and prepared for all your needs.

Kartra’s advanced suite of tools provides comprehensive support that makes it unrivaled when tackling any task related to promoting your business!

Pricing and Plans

Analyzing the financial aspects of Kartra and Kajabi is a must when selecting one for your needs. You want to ensure you’re getting value for money spent, so it’s essential that we compare their respective pricing plans. Let us take a closer look at them!

Kartra offers various tiers from Starter to Platinum Packages whereas Kajabi has Basic, Growth and Pro packages plus additional add-ons available as per requirement. Comparing each product will help you decide on which solution best fits into your budget structure – whether they’re comparable or slightly different in terms of value.


Kartra offers an array of cost-effective and versatile pricing plans, such as Starter, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The entry level option is the Starter plan for $79/month (paid annually), which provides basic features like 2,500 leads across one custom domain with 15k emails per month along with up to custom domains and 20 products associated with it.

Moving on to higher packages – Silver gives access to a more comprehensive set including 12500 contacts connected over three domains. While Platinum allows users 50 thousand leads in total distributed through ten different websites. Offering affordability alongside flexibility, these deals from Kartra are suitable for companies of all sizes!


Kajabi provides three subscription plans that vary in features and cost. The Basic plan is the least expensive but does not come with an affiliate program, branding removal options or a code editor. Growth has more to offer than basic at $199/month for 15 products & pipelines while Pro gives you up to 100 of each plus other bells and whistles – although this falls short when compared with Kartra’s entry-level packages. Kajabi offers a 14-day free trial so users can try before buying along with their 30-day refund policy providing additional protection if needed.


Kartra stands out from the rest when it comes to pricing and plans for value. Its affordability, flexibility in terms of features with unrestricted access means users can enjoy all its benefits without breaking their budget. This is why Kartra has been deemed as providing the best overall value with other platforms available today.

Customer Support and Resources

Even though the most user-friendly platforms can be difficult to grasp, customer support and resources are available for assistance. Live chat features along with tutorial guides or a comprehensive knowledge base (supplied by Kartra and Kajabi respectively) enable users of all levels to become experts in no time at all! All these elements ensure that navigating through any platform is stress free.


Kartra offers comprehensive customer support with a variety opt in forms of contact options including email tickets, phone calls, Skype and live chat as well as an integrated helpdesk feature. Their round-the-clock assistance ensures users always have access to the answers they need in order to get the most out of their platform.

To this helpful service is Kartra’s extensive knowledge base which contains detailed instructions and tutorials for building landing pages, running email campaigns or managing sales funnels, everything you could possibly want from your platform experience can be found here! All these tools allow customers to do more on their own when it comes time to understand how best use katra’s features regardless of where they are located around the world at any given moment.


Kajabi offers several kinds of support to help users in their business journey. Their Help Center, Live Chat and Community assistance provide guidance when needed. With the platform’s premium plans, customers can receive priority service as well. To these resources, Kajabi also has a deep knowledge base filled with valuable advice on content creation and coding tips so that businesses have all they need for success from day one. An entire university is dedicated solely towards educating people about utilizing Kajabi correctly, making sure that no user ever feels stranded without direction or aid! Support systems such as chat channels are readily available at your fingertips plus those enrolled in more advanced plans will find themselves being provided first-class treatment by receiving preferential access too – it’s clear you won’t be alone if choosing Kajabi for your organization’s needs!


Both Kartra and Kajabi are dedicated to helping customers succeed by providing comprehensive resources like chat support, live assistance, as well as detailed knowledge bases. With these features at their disposal, users can always look forward to receiving help whenever they need it.

Integrations and Extensibility

When it comes to online course platforms, the ability to connect with other tools and services is essential. From integrated payment systems for seamless payments to email marketing campaigns to software providing powerful communication solutions – these integrations can truly enhance what a platform is capable of offering its users.

But how do two prominent players in this field (Kartra and Kajabi) compare when it comes down to integration options and extensibility?


Kartra provides a large variety of integrations with multiple platforms, like payment gateways, email marketing solutions, SMS suppliers and membership sites. It has Zapier support for automated tasks. Its capabilities don’t stop there. Tech-savvy people can benefit from the API service as well as IPN integration for building custom applications that link to Kartra’s system. So if you want your CRM platform linked or even need an individual application developed, Kartra is prepared to provide you with all necessary means!


Kajabi provides a large selection of integrations that make it easy to provide customers with the best experience possible when they purchase your online courses. This includes options such as Typeform, Survey Monkey, MailChimp, Drip and ConvertKit alongside Cloudflare for website protection and Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel so you can track user behaviour on your platform. To this extensive list of existing connectors, Kajabi also supports Zapier giving access to over 5000 other applications through one integration point.

To ensure everything is well connected, Kajabi makes sure there’s extensibility within checkout software (to support different payment methods) plus third party email marketing services too – ensuring all the tools required are available to those wanting sell their course successfully!


It’s a close race for the victory of integration and extensibility. Both Kartra and Kajabi provide abundant options that cater to users’ various needs. The two platforms offer integrations with email marketing programs, payment gateways as well as CRM systems so no matter what your requirements are, either platform has you covered.

User Experience and Interface

When it comes to user experience and interface, let’s take a look at how Kartra and Kajabi measure up. Despite having all the features needed for success, if a platform isn’t intuitive and easy-to-use then it will not be popular with customers. Both of these platforms provide great usability: users find them simple yet engaging, due in part to their modern design elements that make navigating through each feature accessible even on mobile devices.


Kartra provides a comprehensive platform, which can be rather daunting for new users. Its advanced range of features and tools make it worth the effort to learn. The platform has been created in such an intuitive way that even building attractive landing pages or creating email campaigns is simple with its drag-and-drop layout and customizable templates – making managing your online business much easier than expected. Overall, Kartra’s interface may take some time getting used to. All of the available functions will prove invaluable when running any successful marketing campaigns or sales funnel process efficiently.


Kajabi has a minimalistic and user-friendly interface that is designed to make creating and selling online courses an effortless process. Experienced course creators or beginners alike will have no trouble navigating the platform due to its intuitive controls, providing them with all they need for successful results. Not only does Kajabi possess incredible ease of use, but it also contains advanced features, that enhance the students’ learning experiences such as videos, audio recordings, text lessons combined with quizzes so as to fulfil their needs within one comprehensive program. Consequently, if you are searching for a simple platform offering excellent training solutions, then give Kajabi serious consideration. It won’t let you down!


It is evident that when it comes to user experience and interface, Kajabi steals the show. This platform stands out due to its intuitive design, which makes it incredibly easy for users. If these features are essential in your decision-making process, then you should give precedence to selecting Kajabi as a suitable choice.

With ease of use along with its exceptionally well designed interface, there’s no denying that Kajabi has become one of the best options on today’s market when talking about both UX and UI!


Kartra and Kajabi both provide comprehensive solutions for online course creation and marketing. With its affordable plans and wide range of features, Kartra is an ideal choice for businesses searching for a complete platform to manage their online business. On the other hand, Kajabi stands out with its intuitive interface as well as advanced tools designed specifically for coaches, trainers or those specializing in creating courses over the web.

Ultimately what comes down to deciding between Kartra or Kajabi depends on one’s individual needs – if you are seeking various marketing features combined into one package then go with Karta. Yet should course-creation be your priority, it would make more sense going towards the Kajaibi option instead. In any case each brings great possibilities when we speak about producing content solely dedicated to taking classes via the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Kartra and Kajabi?

Kartra provides over 200 templates to design webpages and is a marketing platform with hosting abilities. While Kajabi, an online course service provider, offers six themes. To 20 customizable template designs along with the ability for blogging that Kartra does not have. Both services provide various levels of help regarding online courses as well as advanced marketing features. Kartra specifically furnishes its users with more options when it comes down to individualizing their website pages.

Can you sell courses on Kartra?

Kartra provides excellent resources for those looking to make and market their eLearning courses. It offers powerful tools like automated emails, a landing page builder, builders, templates, and an affiliate program system, perfect for entrepreneurs hoping to reach a broad audience with their lessons. So yes, you can definitely put your course on sale using Kartra!

What does Kartra replace?

Kartra is a comprehensive product that replaces hosting as well as other popular tools, such as Leadpages, Samcart, Drip and Deadlines Funnels. It also comes with Typeform integration to streamline the customer experience.

Which platform is better for course creation and management?

Kajabi offers a range of specialized tools for creating and managing courses, making it the ideal solution. It provides all you need to build comprehensive learning experiences with an emphasis on ease-of-use.

Which platform offers better sales and marketing features?

Kartra provides superior sales and marketing tools compared to other services available, making it the go-to option. With Kartra’s comprehensive suite of features for both advertising and promotion, customers can benefit from Kartra’s comprehensive suite of full affiliate marketing features.

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